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W5R3 done! I see the light..

Having started this 5 weeks ago, remembering how i felt after that first 1 minute of running, choosing to run in the dark until i am confident enough to do it in daylight hours, naming myself that and lurking in the shadows of this forum, gaining the experience of others, have proudly completed those 20 minutes of running through the snow, ice and slush [ wore my Yaktrax!]

Definitely think i can see the light coming. Took lots of your advice on board, choosing the right music, pacing yourself - go slow and steady, through the toxic 10, the F(orget) this 15, to the Triumphant 20! Roll on to the next step. Thanks everyone for your advice and experiences, and for those coming to W5R3 - we can do this!!!

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it's a good feeling nailing week 5 run 3. Well done!


Thats awesome...well done 😊


Well done! I too just completed W5R3 this very morning! It's a good feeling to get past the 20min boogyman waiting at the end of W5.

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Whoop whoop 👍😃


Well done, a great run to get through


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