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2nd post grad 5K

Evening all,

completed 2nd 5K in 36.17 a whole min better than the last one. Actually ran 5.25K as tried to push a bit further in a little over 38mins so happy with that. Going to increase distance slowly. Just out of interest does anyone use Runkeeper. I used to have the free one but I see you have to pay now. Is it worth it? I currently use my Fitbit app and my other half uses Map my Run and they are both about the same. Happy running all. PS I am really excited about my achievements 👍

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I use Runkeeper, it is still free as far as I know. I don't work so if they charge for it, will look for an alternative I guess. I only really need to know run time and total distance so for me wouldn't use the additional features. Julie


Congrats! Great times and a minute off too! I did the same yday and was chuffed to bits to shave that much off my time!


Great time - I use map my run. I use the free functions for time, distance and pace. I have a digicare band too - like fit bit. Good luck on your next park run.


I am jealous. Nah... Happy for you. Congratulations


Well done. I use map my run too. I get it to tell me every 5 minutes my distance, pace & overall pace.

On longer runs I change it to telling me every 0.5km as I'm slowly increasing from 5km to 10km (I've done 6km).


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