New foam roller friend (frf) 😫

New foam roller friend (frf) 😫

Well, no one told me, even the postman who brought it said 'in for some pain then?' It was OH's idea, not mine. What with my recovering shin and sore calves - today missed park run, I thought, ok, how bad can it be? And every little helps, right? Especially after chap in running shop scrabbled to the floor to demonstrate his calf flat ironing technique with all his weight on one.

Lordy, Lordy, lordy, had tears in my eyes, looks so innocent doesn't it? Just a light peice of foam, quite pretty really, with its little knobbly bits, but oh don't be fooled, this instrument of torture belongs in the Devils house, and this is good for you?

Well, having said that, it has brought some relief, I can't tolerate the one leg over the other for calf rolling yet, but gently, gently and we might just become friends.......

Fingers crossed it keeps me on track for a (slow) 10k in a couple of weeks.

But buyer beware!

(When I started this, did I ever imagine I would be purposely compressing my calf muscles on a Saturday afternoon, causing myself pain, and thinking this is a good idea😁 ? Crikey what happened!)


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  • The more I hear about these instruments of torture the more determined I become to never give in to a weak moment and buy one!!! Bonkers!!!!

  • I am with goon :D my physio told me don't get a pimply one !

  • When people keep (repeatedly ) telling me how amazing they are I just put my fingers in my ears and say "I'm not listening". I have a very low pain threshold. ....

    Madge is obviously made of tougher stuff than me ☺

  • Ooh, I don't know about that, I've been very, very gentle with it 😄, I must admit if this is supposed to be like the free massages you can get after a race event, I'm glad I haven't tried one, would have been a right wimp!


  • Sadly, I didn't know it was pimply until it got here! Oh dear, what will that do to me?


  • i hate to think madge :)

  • Well, they're only iddy biddy pimples, so I might be ok, some of them wouldn't look out of place on the wheel of a piece of farm machinery - or maybe that's where old tractor tyres end up........gawd!.......😄

  • You know it's bad when the postman comments!!!

  • Yes, like he knows something we don't..........😉


  • Oooh Madge ! :-)

    In a couple of weeks I bet you will be thinking " How did I ever manage without one ? " :-) xxx

  • Maybe pops, maybe.... ..I'm just hoping to get to the 10k I've entered ..... If this helps it's worth it 😁....... (I think????)


  • Have a look on Google on how to use it properly. You don't want to be rolling inflamed bits! Or your knee or your IT band. Don't just roll everything! If you have an area of pain and/or inflammation roll the parts opposite if you get my drift. Eg, I have a shin splint and the painful bit is on the upper inside so I have to roll the outer bit, opposite to it

    It's worked though! I've not had to keep rolling though.

  • Thanks missw, that's really helpful. I have been looking on tinternet. It'll help to work my arms too, having to support my weight! I'm going very gently!


  • Yes, I found it hard on my arms at first too, and I had slight backache after the first couple of times, but that's fine now. My roller has really big knobbly bits - I didn't even know there were smooth ones.

  • Wow dagshar, that's pretty hardcore! From what Ive read so far you're in the serious athlete zone! Respect!


  • Don't roll for too long. Only a minute or less!

    I only have to roll ever such a short piece of my leg but the physio says that's all that's required. Fine by me! LOL I'm not doing it now though as the soreness has gone now. Thankfully

    I hope it works for you.

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