Foam roller newbie - help!

Hoping for some guidance here as I'm a bit bewildered by different approaches I've found online - was about to embark on w7, but the ongoing stiffness/tightness in my calves wouldn't go away and I'm scared if It's not sorted it might develop into tendonitis (which I've had before). Funds a bit tight at mo, so can't afford physio, but am contemplating a diagnostic session anyway to check if I can run through this or not.

OK - so the roller - read loads about the benefits so invested in a lower budget one that was well reviewed. Surprised at firmness. Shocked at the pain!! There's knots and more knots lurking under the surface I would never have guessed at. Is it meant to hurt this much? And can anyone advise how long each session should be? I was reckoning on about 2 mins per calf either 2 or 3 times a day. Any help appreciated thanks!

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  • I use a foam roller for my calves, thighs, quads and hips. You may want to invest in a session with a sports massuese, to help with the inital tightness. This helped me when I started to use the foam roller on my own at home

  • Thanks tanyag163 - sounds like a good idea.

  • I have been using mine now for about a month and found it does help. It is painful esp down the side of thigh but I think just do what you can and any amount must be doing good! I was told to repeat and go over those bits that hurt everyday and it will loosen. Good luck!

  • Thanks Hules, glad to hear it helped - no gain without pain I guess!

  • Foam rollering can be excruciatingly painful. I used to go to a Pilates class where they always started with a few minutes of foam rollering. I developed the habit of turning up a few minutes late each week to avoid it...

  • Ha! Good ploy - ok, I guess I'll just have to accept pain as the norm until (hopefully) the tightness resolves itself.

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