New tops

My lovely wife got me a new long sleeved Crane running top from Aldi yesterday... £6.99 I think she said it was. Feels like a good quality garment... will be giving it a go sometime in Week 6. I think they have a running sale on this week so it's well worth a look in the next day or two if you have a chance.

Also, I won an eBay auction yesterday for a 2nd hand Karrimor top (same as the one I currently own but a different colour). Might have to start looking at proper running shoes soon!

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  • Sounds good, always nice to have some new running gear:) I would prioritise getting those shoes, make such a difference & can help you avoid injury x

  • Yes, I quite agree, good shoes are so important

  • I've been to Aldi today too and got myself kitted out. Will actually look like a runner now and not an old bag lady in sons running cast offs. Seem to have taken to this running lark so might as well look the part.

  • But where are the photos?! ;-)

    Love a good bargain, especially a running clothes /shoes bargain!

  • I got the long sleeved running top as well. I got the turquoise un! and the cap and the jacket, oh and the neck warmer. I only went in for soap powder!

  • Haha, I went in for milk and came out with about 50 quids worth of clobber. Torquoise jacket, gloves, neck warmer, capri's, long leggings, and also the turquoise top.

  • The capris looked good! I had no excuse to buy any though so I passed on them. Such self-control! Ha ha

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