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Wk5 Run 3. Is this a milestone?


Well, this is incredible. If an asthmatic school kid can't run on the sports field, how is he going to do it if we fast forward 47 odd years later, and add smoking, asbestos and solder fumes to the mix? And all that is partly why this kid decided to do this thing, back in January, not so long ago but a fair distance in terms of attitude adjustment and sheer bloody mindedness.

Perhaps it's about having a stadium to myself (in Estonia you do most things by yourself) and no shouting classmates, no blustering teachers, just Laura and the Shoes. Good name for a band..... the Shoes incidentally are New Balance Fresh Foam. I love them.

I can't do five minutes........ I can't do eight minutes...... yes I can, but twenty minutes?

(this makes me think of Fawlty Towers, first seen back in those school days... "Sybil, I forbid you to open that safe.....Sybil, I forbid you to remove that case....Sybil, I forbid you to open that case.... I never thought I would see the day when.....")

Anyway, I did not forbid myself. I gave myself permission, I was ready to fail and not worry too much, although I would have been rather sad about it.

Today, I ran the full twenty minutes. I was tired straight away, but the curious thing was that the tiredness did not get worse. My lungs felt raw, but kept going, and recovered. I can still feel my legs, but they feel good, and it's nice to know they are there.

I did this thing and I am amazed at myself. Week 6? I can't possibly do that. I will stay with week 5 for a while longer. Laura says it's ok to do that, so it is.

Best Wishes to all of you :)

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What a great post and really well done. Now you know you can do this! Keep it slow and steady and you will complete it all I'm sure.

LesaspieGraduate in reply to Roxdog

Waaaaaaaaaa! Thank you :)


20 minutes non stop running really is a milestone. Congratulations Lesapie🥳🥳

Whoa well done!! Great going! How exciting to do 20 mins - I’m a week behind you and can’t imagine it! Keep going you’re doing brilliantly 👍


Oh, so C25k is working then?

Nice one, but stay slow for the next one...........it catches many out.

LesaspieGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Interesting.... yes. Please see my next post! :)


Excellent news, well done! Take the next one slowly as it can catch some people out 👍😁

LesaspieGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo

It actually did. I will write a post in a mo . :)


Good post from you Lesaspie, you say that you want to repeat week 5, that is fine, you can repeat any runs or week's if you wish to, nevertheless, congratulations on completing run 3 of week 5, as you may already know that run is a milestone run with C25K, once you have repeated week 5 go onto run 1 of week 6, but as others have told you, be careful about that run as it catches out some people with the interval walks and runs after the non stop 20 minutes of W5R3.


Congratulations! Onwards, onwards!!!

Huge well done. Thank you for sharing your experience. This is is such an emotive journey to follow. Just made up for you 😊


Well done...that's it. You are officially a runner. No looking back. 🏃‍♂️👍🤝

LesaspieGraduate in reply to Nilsam

Thanks, really! I am a little sad though, I will write a new post in a mo. :)

NilsamGraduate in reply to Lesaspie

Sorry to hear that, Lesaspie.

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