We did it!

We did it!

The report will follow. Enough for now to say that my boy ran a 3 hour 4 minute marathon and I did a sub two hour 10 miles (1.59 since you ask). My optimistic target was 2 hours 10 minutes. Still haven't come down to earth. Thank you C2 5Kers so much for convincing me that I could actually run this far just two years after I first laced up a pair of running shoes. Apparently you were right!

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  • Absolutely fantastic !!!! Well done TT and Matt !

    Congratulations !!! :-) xxx

  • Looking mighty fine there TT and Matt, look forward to the full report. Nice bling too!


  • Woohoo well done to you both, great times and lovely photo.

  • WOW!!! Amazing!!!

  • AMAZING! Just amazing! You must both be so proud!😀😀

  • TT you awesome, amazing running lady, many many congratulations on a bloomin' fantastic achievement. What a great time! And massive well done to Matt too, you two should be so very very proud! :) :) 🏆🏆

  • Wow TT what a brilliant result for both of you !! :)

  • awesome times! well done!

  • Whoop whoop ☺Congratulations. Super achievement. 10 whole bloomin miles - yikes! You did it ☺

  • Bloomin' Marvellous.!!! Well done - and a great photo.

  • Woop woop. Amazing job TT! Great pic of you both too. ☺

  • Wow, great times for both of you. Not sure what is most impressive - 3 hours for a marathon is absolutely amazing. But 10'miles in two hours at your age (sorry) is fantastic as well. Huge congratulations to you both.

  • That's really great TT, such a wonderful achievement :-) Do you think you will be doing a hm next?!

  • I think that's the sensible next step Mimsickle. Then we'll see if a marathon is out of the question. But I do seem to have got to a place where I can cope with a long steady run much better than a fast and furious 5K!

  • Congratulations to both of you! You must be really chuffed with your time, well done!

  • Thanks Pigivi . I am. Will write a little report of the highlights tomorrow I hope. Once I stop eating!

  • Oooh proud mum and proud son! Fantastic stuff TT. Many congratulations to you both.

  • Well done TT. Great effort and you banished those gremlins good and proper.

    Looking forward to the full report.

  • Hurrah!!!!! Knew you'd manage it TT. I never doubted it for a moment

    I trust you had a fab day!!!

  • TT! A huge well done to you on your 10 mile success! I really hope you enjoyed the experience! Looking forward to the full report!

    Thanks again so much for the incredible banner; it was such a boost, and was astonishing to behold. Thank you!

    A big well done to Matt too - incredible time! Well done to you both! 😊

  • Well done both - looking great!

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