Couch to 5K

Week 8 done. Walking advert for Sports Direct

This morning felt pretty good. Found my stride about 10 minutes in (wish it was sooner!) but it felt ok and finished this week off quite well I think. Didnt want to push it beyond the 28 minutes - think i could have gone further but I was in long sleeves and even though it was raining, it was really muggy and warm :( and I had to get back home due to an early morning Sainsburys trip to buy cakes as I am moving offices today and we are having a cake day:) yum.

Funny looking back on Week 1. This morning as I stepped out in my Karrimor long sleeved running top, Adidas running pants (with the white stripes down the side, oh yes:)), Karrimor running jacket tied round my waist, running socks, Asics Gel trainers on, Karrimor running bum bag type thing and new round the neck earphones (why oh why havent I found these earlier???) I was thinking back to Week 1 when I was in some old jogging pants and a t shirt and now I'm a walking advert for Sports Direct:) Looking forward to 3 more runs and my shiny green badge. Happy (wet) Thursday. x

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Three more runs to go - just think this time next week you'll be a graduate! :)


I cant quite believe it:) and I achieved RPD!!!!! :)


I know!! :) I might need to rethink my baggy jogging bottom situation - it wasn't very nice slopping round in them in the rain last night :)


Try our favourite shop Sports Direct - they do some good karrimor RP for only a tenner. I got some Adidas which were a bit more expensive but they fit nicely.


I might brave it at the weekend - see what I can squeeze myself into! :)


JOAAAAAANE!!!!! That's brilliant. I am so jealous, as I am pounding my way through week 7 at the moment.

Your attire sounds brilliant. Isn't it amazing how this program not only enthuses you to get fit but also to wear the right clobber! Those headphones sound good. My earbuds are always popping out on my runs and it's infuriating sticking them back in whilst puffing like a steam train.

Lemme know what that shiny green badge is like. i want one! (I will get one in 7 runs time)



I know! Get me. Fitbefore40 and I aspired to not only graduating but achieving RPD (running pants day) when we were able to wear the slinky skin tight black running pants without looking hideous (I dont know why but I sort of associate running with the skin tight black running pants from Adidas with the white stripes down the side) Well i treated myself to some and looooooove them.

If you have a Sports Direct near you, look for these earphones:

They are half price at the moment in pink and yellow and I found them so much more comfy this morning than normal earphones.

Cant wait to graduate next week:) Excited!!!


Well done Joanne on nearly completing C25K. Like you, I too am a walking advert for sports direct :-) I do wonder if 'proper' runners can tell the newbies just by the SD clothing :-) Good luck for the next three runs.....


You cant beat sports direct ! I love it ! The snobbery of some people amuses me, I was reading a blog on another website and there were people slagging sports direct saying they aren't good quality you need to get some decent clothes that you really need to get asics gel trainers etc etc

Then someone came along and wrote how they got the same trainers in sports direct for about a fifth of the price, that shut them up, love it.

Well done on you're run and your fab new outfit, it sounds great :-)


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