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Wow much better run today - w7r1

Having struggled so much on my last run with my head space, I had a really good run today - same distance just more in control of my thoughts. So pleased as I was worried that the last run would put me off.

I have altered my diet again from a very good diet which included some oats and fruit to the lchf proposed by Professor Tim Noakes. Some kind souls on this site shared a link to info on this the other day and I have watched loads of YouTube lectures/talks as well as downloading his Real Meal Revolution book which is fascinating. I have only had to make a few small changes but I see an enormous difference already and have lost just over 6lbs in 4 days, which has delighted me as I was on a bit if a plateau. I'm sure it helped my run today. Anyone who is interested do look this up. He is a fascinating guy. As a newbie I'd never heard of him but I think he is big in the running community and all he says makes total sense. Worth a look if you're interested.

Thank you to whoever shared the link😀.

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Hi Haf

Oooh that's great. Both the run and the weight loss! Will have to look him up, not heard of him before! Good luck with your future runs :-)


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