😀😀Lovely, lovely, rainy Graduation day!☔️☁️☔️!

Yippee! After a somewhat extended C25k due to injury the first time round, I am pleased to say that I have just completed the last run of W9! After a pretty full-on day at work, running was just what I needed! The pouring rain was beautiful to me today, as I splashed my way through the puddles on the old railway line. I felt so much better than on my last run and even added on a little extra to complete my 5K route, so look out Parkrun, here I come!!

I have to say that this programme is fantastic and this forum just wonderful. Such a supportive place to come and share your triumphs and woes. I have absolutely no doubt now that running will remain part of my life, and (hush) that I am beginning to see myself as a "runner"!

Right, I'm off now to claim that badge....😀😀😀



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  • Aw Sandra ! I am so so pleased for you ! You have suffered a setback with injury , but you made it and here you are ! FAB !!!

    You are a lovely supportive lady , and this is so well deserved !

    Many Congratulations to you ! Wear that badge with pride Missus !

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy! Feeling very chuffed with myself right now!

  • Well done, Sandra. Isn't it a great feeling? As great as completing C25K is, you've got a whole new world open to you now! What are you going to do? Many people, me included, feel a little aimless when it's finished, as you've suddenly achieved you goal, and you wonder what you're supposed to do now.

    Suggestion - get in the Parkrun habit and sign up for a race or two as something to prepare for.

  • Thanks Steve - definately going to try a couple of Parkruns and at this stage consolidate my 5k. Want to build up strength and speed too!

  • Well done! Hope you continue to enjoy running 😊

  • Thanks! Feeling like a smiley happy person!

  • Congratulations! You should feel very proud of yourself for persevering in the face of injury. Now to plan lots of lovely running adventures!

  • Thank you! I am really looking forward to getting stronger. Parkrun has got to be my next goal.

  • Doing 5k on your final run is AMAZING!!! You've done brilliantly Sandra!

  • Thank you! It's such a good feeling isn't it?

  • CONGRATULATIONS SANDRA!! :) that run sounds just the tonic you needed after work! and look at that graduate badge there already! excellent stuff, on to Parkrun next and lots more running adventures!! :)

  • Thank you! Couldn't have done it without this forum though!:-)

  • BIG congratulations Sandra :D so deserved , enjoy your celebrations :D

  • Thanks,Rob.

  • Fab Sandra - well done.

    After that awful setback you had, it is really great to see you reach this milestone.

    Go and smash that Parkrun!

  • Thank you Dunder! It has been worth it to find out how much I enjoy this running thing! The journey has only just begun😉😀

  • Congratulations on your graduation!!! Sounds like you have fun running in the rain!!!

  • Thank you! I think it felt a bit special today!:-)

  • Hey you did it Sandra! Very well done, enjoy the glow of graduation. You should feel very proud.😀

  • Thanks. Very happy to have made it at last!

  • Well done you keep going. I went out for a run last night in the rain, this was the 2nd time I had run in it. All I can say is pants & don't like it, could only manage 3 miles as I was overheating with my wet jacket on, so wanted to push on to 4 mile mark.

  • I had my jacket round my waist - and just gave in to the rain! Best way I reckon!😀

  • Very well done, Sandraj39!

  • Thank you very much.😀

  • Very well done indeed graduation and 5k into the bargain I bet you are really buzzing with that !! I admire you for doing it in the rain as I sit here itching to run and watching it pour down outside I don't mind drizzle but not keen to try real heavy rain !! Happy running ! xXx :) :)

  • Think I would have run in a hurricane yesterday, for my graduation run!!😉

  • Many congratulations to you Sandra. Your patience has paid off and it sounds as if you have already become a bit addicted! You are a runner so keep posting and enjoy your badge. It looks great!

  • Thank you IrishP! So happy to have that badge at last and really looking forward to the next stage of my running journey!😀

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