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What do you wear to a gait analysis?


I know, it sounds so silly but really, do you wear your running gear and current trainers? Or does it matter what shoes you wear? I've a busy day tomorrow and wanted to pop in to get my gait analysed but would most likely be wearing jeans and ballet pumps (flat, slip on shoes for the men out there!). Do they analyse you bare foot? Has anyone gone for gait analysis in incorrect attire?!

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Take your trainers with you is all. Or ask them to borrow a pair - a good shop will be ok. Its only a few seconds running.


I was wearing jeans when I had mine done! They gave me a neutral shoe to run in as I was wearing my normal boots.

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Thanks for this! Hopefully they'll do the same for me as I'd be so embarrassed bringing my minging old trainers...


Meant to add that ballet pumps are bad for your feet hun! Not that you wanted that advice but just in case . . :-)


Feel free to ignore me, I am at that age where I think my advice MUST be given and I havent got kids of my own to nag x

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Haha, thanks for this Deryn :) I know they are terrible shoes, but they're so handy and go some way to making my big size 7/8 boat feet look nice and dainty! New shoe shopping all round methinks!

I really want to say a hat and elbow length gloves, preferably with a matching handbag, but I'm sure that the other suggestions are more appropriate!! x

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Haha, I'd love to do this just to see the look on people's faces! I could add stilettos and one of those long cigarette holders too for the full effect!


I had my jeans on and they got me to run barefoot on the treadmill first then tried a couple of pairs of shoes, I found it really good, love my running shoes :)


I had my jeans on I just had to roll the legs up a bit. I did the first run bare foot so they could see what's what then they give you shoes to try so what you wear on your feet should be out of the equation.

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I rolled my jeans up too and ran in my "old" shoes.

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