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New runner

Hi all, I'm a new runner and am on week two of the C25K programme. I'm in my late 50s and I've got a lot of weight to lose so I'm finding running quite hard and am incredibly slow. I've joined an actual C25K running group and I'm by far the slowest one there but I'm very determined to carry on! Any words of encouragement for a chubby granny will be very gratefully received! :-)

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Welcome aboard Ping, and Well done for taking up this programme, you wont regret it , its truly life changing !

Most of us started with no running experience, I used to bunk off PE and have a fag in the toilets , so dont worry, there is lots of us that were in the same boat !

Yes , take it slowly, youre out there and youre moving and thats the most important thing. Trust in Laura and the programme and yes you will do this.

Keep posting on here as this is a fantastic place for support, advice and encouragement plus it really helps with the motivation.

Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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Most of us on here have done C25k without a bunch of real running buddies, only the virtual ones who inhabit this forum. The advantage is that you can go at your own pace, without feeling you are holding others up. However, having like minded people to run with can be a spur to progress and inevitably more sociable than running solo. Whichever way you do it doesn't matter. C25k is the first step into the discovery that you can do way more than you ever believed and that this whole exercise thing will make you feel great.

You may have disappointments.....but we will pick you up again and boot you out of the door, if needs be. You will have personal triumphs.....and this is the place to come and brag about them, because we know how much they mean. You may have which case you will find many silly answers here and maybe even some sensible ones.

All in all C25k is the key to a new life and this forum is all the support you could ever need to get there. So welcome and good luck. You will never regret it.


Welcome to the forum Ping, you have come to the right place! :-D

My advice is:

1) take it slow and run at your own pace.

2) don't worry about how fast others are and try not to compare yourself; you are doing this for you!

3) invest in a good pair of running trainers and get your gait analysed, if you haven't already.

4) make sure you stretch properly after a run.

5) come here for any advice you may need. There are lots of people at different stages, who can support and offer you advice and pick you up when needed.

Best of luck, you are going to love this journey! :-D


Well done on starting C25k - one of the best things I have ever done ! Best advice I can give is to keep to a slow pace and build up your strength and stamina gradually. Lots of support and advice on here - keep us posted ! x


Determination is a fab place to start! C25K is a truly fantastic programme, but it's this forum which has made the difference for me. You will find so much advice and support here. posts to get you through the tough days and stories to really inspire you. We share the good, the bad and the ugly! I really hope you enjoy the journey, good luck!😀


Hello (waves) You've come to the right place as folks here have been, or are in the same boat as yourself

Don't worry about being slow! Slow is absolutely fine! It's about finishing the sessions, that's all. Time doesn't matter

You're up off the couch and moving that bod, so the weight will shift if you are eating healthily. It won't happen over night, so be patient

Have fun!


Don't worry about being slow, it doesn't matter! Your out there doing it! Just keep at it!

I'm older than you, over weight, but improving with each Parkrun...and the weights coming off as I keep up the running 3 times a week....


Thanks for all the welcoming words, everyone! I think I may have to move through the weeks more slowly than the programme suggests but there's no real hurry. I'm managing week 2 so far so I guess I shouldn't think too far ahead really! :-)


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