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Newbie update: Week 3 Complete!

I haven't posted for a few weeks but am pleased to say that I just completed Week 3! :D

I had a few days away on holiday so decided to split Week 3 over two weeks and do 4 runs instead of 3 to make up for the break in the middle.

Week 2 was fine but I've found Week 3 a bit strange. Firstly, the progression from W2 to W3 seemed very slight and I felt so cheated by the fact that the whole workout was only 23 mins (instead of 30 mins as in previous weeks) that I tacked an extra few mins of running on the end before the warm down!

W3R3 I felt fine before starting but as soon as I began my first run instead of the usual adrenaline kicking in I suddenly felt all the energy drain from me. I nearly quit right then but managed to complete all the runs and made it to the end of the workout (but no extra and at a very slow speed!).

I did W3R4 this morning and felt a bit worried (especially as I was a bit hung-over from last night) but it went great, I did a few mins extra run again and my speed was back on track.

After only having to run for a total of 8 mins in W1 and 9 mins in W2 and W3, Week 4 is looking a little daunting with having to do a total of 16 mins of running - but after today's run I feel ready for the challenge! :D :D

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The programme is designed to take most people through safely and with no injury so take each run slowly and don't panic. Just enjoy the ride. Well done on getting to week 4!

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The programme really does work so trust it. It allows you to build stamina, confidence and to rest and recover so you can meet the next challenge. I was a non runner too and now I have graduated and run three times a week x 30 minutes for now. Nothing at all special about me, so u will do it too. Nice and steady as you run longer, relax and breathe slowly and deeply. Excited for u, u will soon b hooked!! Julie

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