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Hi it's been a long time since i posted due to doggy old phone but I've been wanting to post for ages! I built up from 10k to 10 mile during the summer and really enjoyed it but didn't enjoy the race -I choose to run it with someone slower & I promised myself (because of other incidents) that I would stay with the girl I started with. Because we were near the end the atmosphere wasn't as good I felt rubbish 2 as someone in my group said she knew someone who walked it quicker! It thought me a lot of hard lessons! I want to train for a half marathon & would ideally like to do it with the girls from my running group. I want to to know how others balance their own goals with those they run with? I miss the motivation of having a goal! Thanks

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When I did the HM in sept I started in a group but clearly said I would prefer to do my own pace wether faster or slower than the others and therefore once across start line we got into our own pace and that was it. I am a solitary runner though as find it difficult if others want to chat etc I get into a zone and like my breathing to be rhythmical 😀 Set your own goal and go for it hon x


Thanks a mil one or 2 of the girls in our group do that but most stick to a group! Maybe I have to be braver or bit more selfish to achieve my goal as it's pretty important but I still want to keep close to my group.


I would agree before the event to each run at your own pace. It's what I plan to do in future, after I know I was holding someone up at a 5k event last weekend. You never know, your friend might have been hoping you ran ahead at your own pace, especially if she knew you weren't happy! I know I felt rubbish knowing I was holding someone up! Good luck.


Hi thanks so much for taking the time to give perspective from the other side. I never thought that maybe she might not have wanted the company if she felt she was holding me back! I felt bad on a previous occasion where someone struggled told me to go ahead and I did! Thanks again just need to figure if doing a half marathon on my own is the right decision for me! Hope u enjoy your next race more too!


When I've raced I've done so with friends who are happy to start together, then settle into our own paces and meet up at the end for tea, hugs and celebration. Works for us.

Am running with a friend on Halloween but it's fancy dress for charity and I'm hoping my need to be ahead of people will keep itself under control!


I think you have to do what's right for you and I'm sure others would understand. I haven't run any races but always run alone as I need to be in my own zone and not feel pressured by anyone else's needs. I am pretty slow and I wouldn't want to hold someone up or feel I had to run faster! Do what you need to do.

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I totally get this. In fact I could have written this post!! Exactly the same thing happened to me. There was no one there when we finished and I was so disappointed. But I still got my medal and tshirt!!! I've gone on to do events alone and it's ok!! You can go at your own pace then with no pressure. Nice to meet up at the end with people amd celebrate. So what works for you but keep running. Don't let it put you off. You've made great progress. Xx


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