Wife and I started to do a monthly Orienteering course - she walked a short course while I ran a longer one. That wasn't working that well - so (I) decided that we would do it together from now on. Wife has an uncanny sense of direction in places like underground carparks -- which she enjoys pointing out to me ( I am lucky to even remember what floor we have parked the car on)

BUT - out in the bush - being a woman, I have the distinct advantage over her - in that I can read a map, whereas she (being a woman) cannot. Actually, women should be able to read Orienteering maps - because you hold/orient them such that they point in the direction that you are going. -- which is what women do, men of course always hold them with North at the top!!!

She is also handy to have around when actually trying to find each checkpoint flag -- my eyesight isn't what it used to be.

There were LOTS of large bunnies around this past weekend


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9 Replies

  • If I didn't have a great sense of humour and a "relationship" with you on here Bazza I'd take you to the cleaners with that comment about women not being able to read maps. Loads of women can read maps (myself included) and if they can't they just ask for directions which most men ......... no don't go there.

    (Love the bunnies)

  • :) It's a bit like the concept that men can't do two things at once !! :)) - there is an element of truth there !! :)

  • Can't be doing with sexism, mild or not.

  • PC isn't just a police man/woman !! ")

  • How ironic to come out with such rubbish on the same day the Kathrine Switzer photograph appears.

    Just goes to show how far society still has to go...........

  • My daughter turns a map around - I don't; drives me mad. So I should probably do ok with maps when I start needing them for trails...

  • I'm a geologist and spend most of my days generating and reading maps. I'm also a woman.

  • Bunnies, roos and dinosaurs too!

  • Crikey, don't know what you're feeding those bunnies on!

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