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Visualisation/ thoughts while running

What do people imagine to motivate themselves?

Today I was running thinking of the tough women in films. Clarice Starling at the beginning of silence of the lambs and the woman from terminator.

They make being active and strong look so easy that I feel stronger and fitter if I imagine I'm them. (Without the risk of death and destruction :)

Does anyone else do this? I'd love to read about it.

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Speaking of powerful ladies, there is a young woman featured in Daily Mail today who does callisthenics, I think. She was paralysed not so long back but Has got well and she’s just awesome 😱 the strength! Yikes😁. She cites CrossFit for getting her into shape 💪

I run to Sami Murphy podcasts and she uses lots of inspiring run tunes, many of which are by female singers. Strong lyrics to push us on 💪 I love you Kylie but for this gig you’re not cutting it 😄

The strong woman in my life was my mother. Five feet of live wire! She was like a rat up a drain pipe. I take her memory with me on Runs 🙂🏃‍♀️✔️ 💪

Using your imagination on Runs is a very useful device on longer runs as you forget you’re running. I go miles just switched off while making up poems, or writing my shopping list , or planning tea, or over-throwing the government 🤓


How lovely that your mum inspires you that way.

Stories like that one in the mail are inspiring, just the sheer determination of some people amazes me.


I’m doing a marathon this weekend courtesy of this programme 💪🙂


Awesome! 👍🏃🏽🏃🏽 be sure to post how you get on.


Well no I haven't... yet!

Thanks for an interesting idea. I will get out there and try it!😃

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