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First 5k, how can I best prepare?

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Hi everyone, have received tons of advice and inspiration from this site. I graduated in May and I am signed up for my first 5k on Sunday, 10/4. I think I can finish, no records will be broken, but it will me a tremendous personal accomplishment.

Any words of advice regarding running this week leading up to it?

When should I run, what should I eat?

Should I invite anyone to come cheer me on, or experience it for myself this time?

I appreciate all the advice I have received thus far and will continue to read on.

Wish me luck!!


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Have a nice big bowl of pasta the night before. Then don't overeat the meal before your race. Drink lots of water the night before. Sure! Have someone there to cheer you on. Sometimes that can give you the energy you need to finish strong.

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NeeseydrivewayGraduate in reply to RunningForBroke

Thank you that is sound advice I will be sure to follow!

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Dont do anything different than you would for your normal runs... eat "normal" food and wear the shoes and kit you are used to. I always find porridge and a banana good for a pre-run breakfast. Although you should hydrate well beforehand, you shouldn't need a drink during the run, but no problem if you take one with you.

Yes.. get all the support you can... you've worked hard for this no doubt... share the joy of crossing that line! :-)

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NeeseydrivewayGraduate in reply to AndyD

I have worked hard and you are right I will take someone for encouragement. Thank you!

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Run as normal if you graduated in May, you are probably already running 5k fairly comfortably. Don't run the day before it, eat normally before but have a light snack (I normally have a banana) and lots of water in the morning if its a morning run. Regarding cheering you on, it's up to you it would probably be nice to see a friendly face but to be honest once you are running you won't really notice who is there and everyone will be cheering you ! Good luck ! :)

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NeeseydrivewayGraduate in reply to ridingstar

Thank you this is great advice and for your best wishes😊

Good luck Denise. Enjoy every moment and just do what you normally do. Remember to drink plenty afterwards. I had a 5k fun run yesterday and was hit with a nasty headache afterwards, which I'm sure was because I didn't drink enough. If it's a bit of a drive to the venue, take a bottle of water and leave it in your car. It's what I will do in future.

Let us know how it goes! X

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NeeseydrivewayGraduate in reply to

Great advice. I will definitely keep water in the car. I'll check back in after. Thank you again

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Bring someone with you to cheer you on, though don't sweat it if they can't. It's nice to have someone cheering for you at the finish line to give you a boost. It's also nice to have someone to hold your jacket and maybe even snap a picture.

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NeeseydrivewayGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

Good advice. I think I will take someone with me. Not sure about the picture though. It may be quite a sight! Thank you

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If u can run for 30 minutes each week, just continue at a steady pace to 5K. I did a parkrun to graduate and I'm not super fit, so if I can, you can too! X

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NeeseydrivewayGraduate in reply to JoolieB1

Thank you for the encouragement. I am going to give it a try!!

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Of course you will finish! You can do this, as above change nothing, a light snack if the run is later than when you normally go, I have found most runs are around the 10.30 to 11.00 am Mark, as an early morning runner, I have my breakfast at the normal time but have a snack handy if I feel I need it before hand, a banana or breakfast bar. Water as well , just sips, you don't want to feel like a washing machine!

Be brave, say hello to your fellow runners, wish them luck, and most of all enjoy! Keep your pace, don't be seduced in to rushing off.

Good luck, and write up your report here, we are all interested in how you get on.


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NeeseydrivewayGraduate in reply to Madge50

Thank you! I love your advice. Especially about saying hi to all and enjoying the morning. Anything that happens will certainly be an improvement from what I could do 6 months ago!!!

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