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I went to Runners Need as they have lovely shoes in their sale :) The assistant was really helpful and wanted me to have my gait tested. It was my first time on a treadmill, and to be fair I was rubbish on it ! The important thing is, it did not show a correct gait analysis as my run was not my natural run. It showed me forefoot striking, Luckily she was really switched on and I am a Podiatrist so she decided it was not a reliable method so instead I am taking my shoes in to see where they wear and to run in the shop for my gait analysis !! The moral of this tale 'Gait analysis is not 100% reliable ;)

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  • I have been wondering about this...

  • Well the good thing is that she was on the ball enough to say. I do wonder about if we run differently on the treadmill ? I just bought another pair of same ones i have been wearing - i am too afraid to change now.

  • They almost need a testing station at your local athletics track, don't they? I suppose the problem with that is they may want a camera from the side, and that would be tricky outside.

    One thing I remember vaguely is someone who put sensors at strategic points on a runner, and captured the positions of those into a 3D model. I think that was done outdoors. It was a bit like the old motion capture they used to do for animated movies.

  • I thought I ran the same on treadmill or road, my gait analysis showed over pronation on the video clip, with the neutral shoes the shop wanted me to use..

  • It is probably fairly accurate for over pronation, I can diagnose that when someone walks bare foot in my surgery. For me it was the forefoot strike that was wrong and if the assistant and I weren't switched on I could of ended up with inappropriate shoes ! We also had a good chat about supportive shoes for neutral gait. I chose my cheap Karrimor trail shoes for their support and now realise as I am neutral they could throw me the other way !! :)

  • In our local running shop there is no treadmill and the guy watches you walk and run up and down the shop. He knew better than me if a pair of shoes was right or not. Love my SAucony's on my third pair! So hope you get sorted.

  • I had gait analysis on a treadmill and was told I was a heel striker, flat footed (wrong) and needed support shoe. Went back same shop, same treadmill and a different assistant a few days later to be told I was neutral.

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