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Kissing the earth

No, I don't mean falling over!

I was listening to a radio programme yesterday about mindfulness, happiness and mental health. Someone mentioned the importance of getting out in nature and added 'walking as if you are kissing the earth' and I thought this was a great idea to take into running instead of slamming yourself into the ground, grinding your joints and jolting your psyche.

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Too true! I love a walk and am off out now in fact. Got the neighbour's dog to collect and off we go out into the blue. A walk - no matter how long - is always refreshing, and when I get back in the front door I always feel a boost. Have cuppa and bit of cake and crack on. Makes everything more positive I think


Yes - agree completely. Sometimes, when reading about how to improve running "form" it is difficult to understand how to do "it" - but the best piece of advice that I have read is to run "quietly" - pretend that you are running past a sleeping savage dog!! You want to get the h*** out of there, as fast as possible - without waking up the dog!! :)

Sometimes I can hear some runners coming - from way off -- Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!


That is lovely - and Autumn is such a magical time of year - perfect! x


I had a lovely 5.30 k walk with the borrowed dog this morning. Lovely morning, dry and clear, bit windy at times so I had to put my hood up. Leaves are falling thick and fast now. Spent a while grazing the hedgerow. Yummy blackberries!!!!


Thanks for the reminder. It can be easy to become disappointed when you are slower and find distances harder than other people. A timely reminder that this is for me, my enjoyment, fitness and positive mental health. Thanks for sharing GoogleMe.


It was dark when I left the house this morning and bright and sunny when I got home from my run in the park, I could not help but notice the different colours on the leaves, and came home with a sense of well being. yes really enjoyable. :) :) :)


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Yep, our coach reminded us to practice mindfulness during a training session on the beach with a glorious sunset - so grateful she did.


I've just finished reading "Born to run" which I feel includes this type of concept. I have been trying to float down hills rather than pound down!


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