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w8r2- best run so far, don't want c25k to end!!!!

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So this morning I had a brilliant run, one of my best actually.

I was a bit apprehensive before I started it because my thighs have been feeling very achy since yesterday-I'm guessing it may have been due to not stretching well enough after w8r1- and also I woke up with a banging headache. Not the best combination for a 28 minute run but I pushed on and ended up running the best I ever had.

The biggest challenge for me usually with these longer ones are over coming my own negative thoughts like "I can't keep going" or even "I don't want to carry on". But there was none of that with this morning's run. None what so ever. My mind was completely drifting away, thinking of other things and barely even paying attention to the fact that I was jogging except to keep my breath and pace regular. I completely didn't even think about my aching muscles or my throbbing headache, in fact all those pains went away the minute I began. Like magic. And in the last 1 minute I even had enough in me for a proper sprint finish. I felt exhilarated by the end of it.

I can't believe this but I actually think that I really, really like jogging. And it's all thanks to c25k and all of you lovely people giving positive messages to those like me slogging through. I'm already feeling a bit bummed that I'm almost finished with the programme. Wished they did a c210k programme too.

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Hi Afro-girl, those gremlins can be so annoying! It really is a great feeling when you feel the pure joy of running and time just flies! Sounds like it's really coming together for you - keep it up!!😀

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Afro-girl 1:Gremlins 0

Great post. It's always lovely to hear when someone's run goes really well :)

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Yippee!! Really well done you. I've had runs like this, it's just brilliant. Like you, I never thought I'd actually 'like' running, but I do!

The good news is it doesn't ever have to end. Of course I know you know that, and I know what you're saying about wishing it would just go on, but now you know that every time you set out, you're in with a chance of a wonderful run. And a wonderful run is exactly that: Wonderful. I'm glad you've crossed this frontier. The day that you come to a halt, and the relief makes all the pain feel worth it is a good day; the day when even as you suffer, you also feel kind of good and brave and heroic as you just grit it out is also a good day. There are a few other days of that kind that are good days, too, but there's nothing like the day when you realise that you're going to do this just because you Want to Run. Nothing else. It doesn't matter that much if it results in fitness, or if you win something, or if you even are going to feel proud of yourself for being so good, and going out there and facing the challenge; all that matters is that you're going to Ru-----n!! Like a little kid springs up to run. Like a dog who wants to go walkies wants to run. The closer it gets to that most simple directness, the better it is. Try to store the memory up as best as possible, so that on the bad days where you need it, it's there to help with the other motivators like Being Very Good, or doing something that's Good For You, etc.

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AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to gary_bart

Like a dog who wants to go walkies- brilliant!!!

I have a friend who says it's an itch that builds and she just is not herself unless she gets her running in... I love her dearly, never really understood it until (around week 5!) I found myself growing under my breath at a friend who said 'you don't have to do it today though do you' well I growled 'don't be a gremlin!' ... oh dear. No hope! X

I had a blind old dog once, who still knew he was entitled to a walk in the evening. If I was late he would let me know, more and more insistently. And my brother and his wife have 4 dogs who know exactly when it's walk time. About half an hour before, they'll start to bark at anyone who's around. Nobody gets as thrilled by a run as a dog gets about walkies, but at least we can aspire to something in that direction. :-)

Brilliant. Wonderful how we do all get there and feel the exhilaration from keeping going.

Active do a 5k-10k plan for 70p. It apparently has a bit of an issue with gps but it is a framework at least that won't break the bank.

Not long now till graduation. Are you signed up for Park Run?

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afro-girlGraduate in reply to

no park runs in my future just yet, I think I may keep up the 3x30min runs a week and then try out a park run when I feel braver :P

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Richard7Graduate in reply to afro-girl

Similar plan :) but I am going to try and set a target for December (not saying which week)

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I think it is great that people still come onto the Forum after graduating and I will be keeping in touch too and want to encourage newbies because not long ago I was on week 1! Check out the C25K Facebook page too, they are great people on there. I even talked to some local women who go running with their dogs, not sure my pooch will take to that but it's running, so great. Did you check out parkrun yet, register on the webpage and it is free to run (just need to print out a code)!

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afro-girlGraduate in reply to JoolieB1

I'd love to do a park run but i'll probably wait a few weeks after graduation to brave one, once i feel more confident in my abilities then I'll definitely give it a go :)

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well done and welcome to the wonderful addictive and mazing world of running :D

There are various B210K training plans/apps out there but alas not laura ... as time goes on you wont need her :D but we all miss her company at first

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Yes!!! The runner's high. It's wonderful isn't it?

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afro-girlGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

very wonderful, scared I might get addicted to it soon and never want to stop running.

Sounds like you had a great run. I love it when I have a run like that!

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Afro-girl well done !

We're on the same bit and I have the third run today and like you I love it too.

Graduation is drawing near, can we nail it ? Of course we can !

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afro-girlGraduate in reply to richardvc

week nine up next, of course we can do it. Can't wait till I'll be reading your graduation post on here :)

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