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Huge Gap missing in sportswear :(

Have any of my fellow runners of a larger size having problems locating running gear? All I want is a light waterproof jacket and I am having no luck at all. Most shops do not go beyond a size 16 and unfortunately due to chest size and generous hips im completely lucking out at a size 20/22. Wish there was somewhere that catered to people starting out who are not all slim jims. Slightly demotivating :(

If anyone knows of anything please respond.


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Have you tried Millets, camping and outdoor or Mountain Warehouse they may have something that would be of use, not necessarily for running though.


Hmmm not bad options there. Bit worried of movement restriction though. x


Their jackets will be designed for fishing, hill walking, kayaking etc so should have plenty of room in the arms/shoulders etc.


Judging by my experience today with a supposed running jacket you may as well run in whatever you have as your normal rainwear. I've certainly run in mine.


I've tried to buy a larger running jacket - nightmare. I am currently running in my Peter Storm - it is really not as bad as you would think and it works. I bought mine to have enough room for a couple of fleeces (I get COLD) and with a wicking t shirt underneath it isn't too sticky.

Sainsburys is surprisingly good for wicking bottoms and tops - limited colours / styles but cheap. Larger sizes and tall, regular and petite.


Sainsburys do larger sizes in running stuff, it's a small selection but some really nice stuff. I didn't see jackets there though.

In all honesty I don't need a jacket for rain, it gets too hot and sticky with one on. Running in a t.shirt in the rain feels fantastic! The rain helps cool you down :) if you really want a rain coat I'd stick to a pacamac type, something very thin and lightweight, they also come in all sizes (I bought mine from eBay but my friend bought her size 22 from the high street, The original factory shop, I think)

I have a thin wind proof jacket that I set off in on a cold day but it's soon tied around my waist when I start baking.


Hubby has a lovely waterproof jacket from a company called Altura. It's lightweight, breathable and folds down to nothing. It's designed for bikes though so might be a bit short and not cheap but it is a thing of beauty! Personally though, like Anonymous36, I have decided to embrace the rain!


I have one of these, also borrowed from my hubby, who had got it for cycling.

I found it very useful slipped over a light fleece when it was so cold earlier in the year, though I did find it too hot last month when I wore it over a tee-shirt.


I've been having an awful time trying to find a pair of sports bras in a large size.

Everything seems to be geared to Skinny Minnies... :(

I can understand shops no being able to carry their ranges in all sizes, but even with online shops, the range of sizes seems to be very limited.

I finally managed to order two sports bras online from where there is a good range in large sizes (there is an English site too, where they sell the same items.)


I get my sports bras from Debehnams (i'm a 32FF) - I find them really supportive and they go up pretty far! I got an "over the head" one once but after an entertaining 15 minute struggle to get it off, I quickly changed for a normal bra-back style!! This one is my favourite and it goes up to a 40G:


I got one from the Trespass shop, it's not a running jacket but you could try it. It's light weight.

I also agreed about the bra sizes, I got mine from Bravissimo but not cheap!!!


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