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Looks like feet up for a bit

I was at the gym running yesterday and it was going well the running felt good but as I slowed to my final walk I felt a sharp pain in my inner thigh and that was that. I had to really slow the walk and it was really sore. On the walk home from the gym I almost gave in and called my son to come and pick me up even though the gym is only around the corner from my house.

So it looks like I have a groin strain. Currently have my leg up, using ice and resting. Work will have to manage without me today as walking is pretty uncomfortable {ie it hurts}

I am on holiday next week so I guess I wont need to take running shoes with me. But on the bright side I am going to Thailand so it will be warm and I can swim. The weight I have already lost, 1 stone and 4 pounds in the last couple of months means i can wear my bikini.

Hopefully in three weeks time when I get back I will be on the road to recovery and can start again, gently.

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Sorry to hear that, hope your back on your feet soon


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