GNR congrats GNR poem

Congrats to everyone who took part in the GNR, respect and kudos to you all :-) xx

While watching the build up on TV yesterday they played a poem by Kate Fox, the GNR poet in residence, called "You Don't Look Like a Runner!" Not tech savvy enough to post a link, but type it in Google and check it out, I think it will resonate with a lot of us here on HU.

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  • Yes I heard that and thought it was very fitting.

  • I too thought the same when I heard it. It was a great poem and rather fitting indeed.

  • I thought it was great, I had a look on the get inspired website to see if I could find a link but then I had to go out. It would be great if someone could find a link.

  • I would like to echo those congratulations! What a fantastic event (watched it on TV) I also saw the clip of the poem, they played it this morning too. Very moving.

  • Yes, I heard it and thought of us. Good stuff!

  • This is such a great poem. Thanks for drawing my attention to it. Hope the link works.

  • Thanks for finding it.

  • What a fine and excellent thing.

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