Belated GNR post

Belated GNR post

Hellooo c25kers! You may not remember me as it has been some time since I posted on here, I graduated back in August 2012.

I'm popping back to blog about last Sunday's GNR - my first official half marathon, some 3 years in the making, beset by injuries and disappointments but I got there in the end.

The hard work was in the relentless long Sunday runs out in the summer heat, I found those physically and mentally hard work but the c25k ethos stood me in good stead - the only bad run is no run & if it feels hard slow down but don't stop. I had a wobbly couple of weeks in the lead up to GNR, a foot injury that resulted in no training for a week and a half, followed by a couple of uncomfortable runs in the last week when I felt unfit. Nothing was going to stop me though, the GNR has been my ambition ever since June 2012 when I took my first sweaty breathless W1 R1 foray into running accompanied by Laura's podcast.

Come the day I loved every minute of it, the atmosphere is the best of any run I have ever done, the crowds kept us going all the way cheering us on with little children hi-fiving us and handing out sweets along the route. I even met another C25ker on the way to the start line, Fitfor60 a lovely inspiring lady who runs to raise money for childrens cancer research in support of her little grandson - we've only met once before and just happened to bump into each other, what's the odds of that among 57,000?? It made my day and we hugged and wished each other good luck before going our separate ways.

Despite the wobbly lead up to the run on the day the training kicked in and I was fine, up to about 15k I would say I felt comfortable - I did get tired in the last few miles but got a second wind and even managed a little sprint finish. My time was 2 hours and 25 seconds - very happy with that, but the main achievement wasn't the numbers, it was being part of an amazing event, enjoying it and making wonderful memories.

Couch to 5k is one of the best things I ever did.

PS - Yes, I did run with the bunny ears on all the way around - that's how Fitfor60 spotted me in the crowd!

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28 Replies

  • What a lovely story - and a great result! A 2h HM takes some doing.

    What I want to know, is how you managed to run for 13 miles without falling out of that little boat! (& didn't you get hot in the life-vest?)

    Well done!


  • :) The boat ride was the perfect end to the day but climbing in and out was a challenge :D

  • Wow, thank you so much for your post, that's really inspirational. I have just graduated from the C25K and have a 5k race coming up in the next couple of weeks. It's great to read your post and know people like you are still building on the programme and succeeding. Well done x

  • Good luck for your 5k race, enjoy it! :)

  • Amazing time Elaine. Was so glad to have bumped into you - all thanks to those bunny ears! Still remember when we first met up at Whitley Bay park run when you and Lovefood met me and encouraged me all the way round. That's what's so amazing about being a C25k. You meet lovely new friends and there is always advice and encouragement here no matter where you are on your running journey. Your Journey to GNR might have been full of ups and downs but my goodness but once you got on that start line you fairly cracked it. Total respect for anyone who can sprint after running 13 miles! I found last mile the hardest and just got slower and slower. And what fabulous photo. What's your next challenge ?

  • Thanks Rona, agree about the c25k camaraderie we must meet up at Whitley Bay some time. For now my next challenge is taking it a bit easier for a while and trying to get my 5k pace back which I've lost, feels weird not running for a couple of hours every Sunday morning though.

  • Brilliant achievement NB and an excellent time too.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks Iannoda, hope you and Mdme T are keeping well. :)

  • Thank you for a very inspiring post! It's very encouraging to hear that you have kept on going and improving despite all the obstacles thrown at you. I finished the week 9 run in January, had an injury, started again, graduated, had an injury, started again for my third time round. It's going slowly but am determined to get there. Your story gives me hope!

  • My first year of running was injury after injury and each time I lost speed and stamina, it's disappointing to be knocked back but you will get there.

  • Well done!!

  • Thanks ancientrunner :)

  • Congratulations! How lovely to have achieved your special goal- and in bunny ears too! Great inspiration - thanks for sharing:-)

  • Thanks :)

  • Go you!!!! Very well done - such an achievement! It loooked fantastice as I was watching it on tv :( Tempted to have a go next year.

  • Go for it mcg An amazing experience

  • Definitely give it a go, it's an atmosphere like no other.

  • Very inspiring post NB. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  • Thanks Zev :)

  • Hi there, welcome back (waves) That's an amazing time!!!!! Flippin awesome, so well done missus

    So pleased to hear you're still running! Have you got another race lined up?

  • Thanks missw, no races lined up, just started a new job so concentrating my energies there at the moment. How's it going with you?

  • Brilliant ! Well done NB , that is an amazing time !

    Good to hear from you again, and that is a fab photo ! :-) xxx

  • Many thanks Poppy xxx

  • Many congratulations that is amazing!! A fantastic time, what a great achievement. Love the bunny ears.

  • Thank you, I recommend bunny ears both for being spotted in a crowd and giving bounce. :)

  • I certainly remember you, notbad, and was wondering how you were getting on - I also remember how you had to deal with a load of injuries, so this is really great news. Many congratulations!

  • Thanks TT, how are you getting on? You are looking fab in your new profile pic!

  • Oh I'm not bad, notbad! Have been dealing with a string of niggly little injuries, you know how it is, but nothing major thankfully. I did manage to do my first half marathon in the spring, and am thinking it's time I did another. If my achilles behaves itself...

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