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Unintentional 6k- not all running

On my first week of working just 3 days a week after 35 years full time. It felt a bit weird being at home on a Thursday, but I'm sure I will get used to it very quickly! So- more opportunity to run (less excuses not to). I'm doing C25k a second time after nearly a year's break. Starting week 8.

Anyway, needed to take some parcels to the post office, so decided to get running gear on and walk there (about1 km) then run back by a circuitous route to complete the w8r1. Disappointed that I couldn't take dog, as she"d have had to be tied up outside post office and would scream and jump up on anyone who came near her(overexcitable chocolate lab) .

So, off I set on my own with 2kg of parcels (makes you realise what a good thing losing weight would be when you have to carry that weight in bags- I need to lose 10kg- 5 times the weight of those parcels! )

Get to post office which is also a grocer type shop. Postmaster behind shop counter sees me with parcels and says, "sorry , the post office is closed until tomorrow afternoon because of some alterations".

So back home I toddle with my parcels- another 1 k . I'd left hubby s note to say I had gone to PO, as he was still in bed. Still not up! As I was in my running gear, decided might as well go and do the run (half the battle about going running, I find is getting changed into sports bra etc then getting garmin,phone, headphones, poo bags, doggy treats to bribe dog not to chase cyclist etc) . So, as most if this had been done, got dog and set off for the woods.

First 10 mins were horrible- nearly stopped, but once we were in the wood it was much nicer and we managed it. Some of it was downhill,which was nice ( but you obviously pay for that at some point). Anyway, ended up doing 6k altogether including the trip to the PO, feeling very tired now, as is dog.

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Not lost it then despite a long lay off! Welcome back into the fold. As you say, no excuse now for not keeping it up!


Thanks for the reply. I did start again from week 1 and haven't found it easy! I'll need some kicks up the backside to keep it up after week 9. It's getting out of the door which is the hardest ( with all the parephanalia (as mentioned above) . I will post when the bum kick is required. All you guys are good at that.


Enjoy your extra time off - I just do 2 days a week now and I love it!!


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