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W7R2...running club, get me!

Went along to a local running group Tuesday night, as had heard good things about them - did my second run of week 7 with the beginners group.

Didn't listen to Laura, but recorded my route and time...which went just over 30 mins, so really pleased :)

Lots of supportive people at the club, and it seems really geared up to encourage people, with trained running leaders etc. Useful advice, as well as supportive environment...great!

Looking forward to next week, and meeting up with Hungry Horse again, a fellow C25Ker, lovely to put a face to a name :)

So glad I joined this forum and started C25K journey

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I'm no where near this as yet, need to shed a few stone first, but you're inspiring me to keep going! Thank you.

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That's very kind Princess, I don't feel very inspirational! I've got a couple of stone to shift too, so it was lovely to meet and talk to other people who had started running recently at the club - all shapes and sizes and levels of fitness. Made a nice change going with other people instead of my trusty dog :) Good luck with your progress, stick at it and you can do it

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Are you doing the Park Run on Saturday? I'm gonna have a go lol lol


Planning to give parkrun a go 19th, as daughter off to Uni this weekend - I've got my barcode! If I can get sorted for tomorrow I'll let you know :)


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