Running and appetites

Running and appetites

I know that for many running makes them ravenous and they may end up eating more. For me, it's somewhat different. I find that running makes me less hungry and I probably eat less overall. Does this happen to anyone else? For reference, I usually run before dinner. Here's a picture of lunch (eaten with chips - crisps). Yum! No, I did not eat the whole thing.

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  • Yes I find if I run when hungry I don't feel as hungry when I get back.

  • I like that aspect a lot.

  • The longer and harder the run the less of an appetite I have. When training for my HM I had to resort to recovery drinks after my run to get the nutrients back in me after I crashed and burned. I had to calorie count to get enough calories in as if I just went on appetite I ended up only having a total 600kcal after exercise, not enough. luckily its traditional as your body gets used to the exercise the appetite comes back.

  • Good point. I'll have to keep that in mind if I start going for runs that long.

  • Oooh that looks really nice !

    What have you got in it please ? xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug. I have a medium white onion, 3 seeded jalapeรฑos (or 2 if you want it to be a bit milder), 3 medium tomatoes, a handful of cilantro, juice from 1 lime, and a little salt. The fine dicing really makes a difference.

  • I second the 'looks tasty, what is it?' ๐Ÿ˜

    I don't feel hungry directly after a run but later definitely I do not care what it is as long as it's food.

  • Pico de gallo. It was lovely. I get what you mean about being hungry later. That happens to me once in a while.

  • I find long runs or intense workouts suppress my appetite. I could drink gallons but have very little appetite, and certainly not for carbs - which is a problem because you are supposed to get recovery carbs in within 20-30 mins of finishing. I ususally have to resort to a smoothie with protein powder and banana, honey etc just to get the calories in in timely fashion.

  • Oh banana is a good idea. I could do that. As for water, I could drink like a horse.

  • Same for me. I usually run on empty in the morning but then don't feel hungry when I get back. I do however, make myself eat breakfast. On those rare occasions when I have got ravenously hungry it tends to kick in later on.

  • Thanks! This wasn't a side effect that I expected, but I like it.

  • I don't feel hungry after a run either but I'm ravenous after a swim

  • Hmm...that's interesting. I guess that's because more muscles are working during a swim?

  • I am the complete opposite, I am ravenous after a run.

    I could eat and eat but I have to be really careful and rein myself in and try and keep my head out of the fridge :-) xxx

  • Lol. Drive by snacking huh? I was worse anout that before I started running. Yeah. Bad combination: sedentary and snacky. No wonder I have lost weight.

  • I'm probably eating less now than I ever have. I find I need breakfast before I run, and sometimes I feel hungry the next day after a run, but my appetite is getting smaller all the time. I like it, when I was swimming I was just starving all the time.

    I wouldn't have finished that bowl either.

  • Oh no way. I didn't finish that bowl either! That was 3-4 meals. I like being less hungry too.

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