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W6 R3 and I'm beat

Was THE hardest run I've ever done. Went out early afternoon and had only eaten one pancake about two hours beforehand. I felt a little queasy before leaving the house but went out anyway.

I instantly felt sore and very nauseous . The sun was beating down and I felt so hot. My legs had become heavy to move, almost like I was treading through water.

Sorry for the rant, but I feel a little disheartened, especially after enjoying the program until today. I really hope this doesn't put me off attempting the next few weeks. I know what I'm like and this is a perfect excuse for me to stop.

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Forget it and move on. Can happen anytime and to any of us. Just one of those things and don't let it beat you up. You will feel fine next time as long as you don't let this setback play on your mind.

I did my graduation run a week ago and stormed it. Presumed I was then Mo Farah or the female equivalent. Went out 2 days later and was rubbish. That's the way of it. Out again today and will be ok I suspect (hope).

Bottom line is that 3 months ago I wasn't doing anything and now I am running 3 times a week, as are you. So smile about that and get back out there.


You are right, of course. Congrats to you on graduating 😀

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It is just one of those runs that can happen at anytime , don't worry about it ,take your rest day or days and go out and od the next run :D

why would you want to stop , you have done so well so far , keep going it so worth it :D

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WEll maybe you set yourself up to fail there. No enough food, too hot, etc.

Sort that out for the next run and you'll be fine. Also, it was Week 6, which everyone knows is a pig!!!! Perhaps we didn't tell you that cos we didn't want to put you off. You've done it now though. It's gone, done, finished!

Crack on!!! Go steady. Slow is fine

Do not quit!!!!! Let us know how you next run goes. We will go with you if you like. Imagine us lot right behind you to give you a gentle shove if you need it. WE'll mop your brow if you get too hot. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other

Go Lisa!!!!

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