Finally back to program, week 6

Made the fatal mistake last Saturday of proudly declaring that I had done Week 5 Run 3. So happy. But the very next day, was moving some heavy pots around the garden and banjaxed my back. Couldn't move at all, could barely walk for a few days but thanks to great physio was able to get back out this morning and did week 6 Run 1. So relieved that I wa able for it and that my stamina hadn't slipped away!

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  • well done indeed :) as with most things it could have been much worse , glad you recovered quickly and well on your way to graduation. :)

  • Thanks very much for that. I was very afraid that I would lose the drive if I didn't get back to it again. I started the programme in June and got to week 4 and got a bad ankle injury which took nearly weeks to heal. But started back at week 1 again and have worked steadily up to week 6. It really is a great programme!

  • that is showing great determination :D it is a great programme :) it is also surprising how much our bodies remember when returning from injury or illness .. not necessarily easier .. but the fitness gained definitely helps :D

  • Good on you! I'm glad you could continue. Totally know what you mean about the stamina. I too keep expecting trouble when I've had a break but this awesome programme just seems to work.๐Ÿ˜€

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