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Hello one and all. I need your help. I read a post yesterday about patella problems and a person, think it was a lady, replied saying she had seen a physio post on the running bug recommend a specific knee strap/support which can help. I have looked on the running bug and cant find the article. Now I can't find the original post on here either to ask the lady as I read loads!!!! It's slightly addictive!

So if you are out there lovely lady, or man, please can you let me know where to find that articl. Thank youx

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  • No worries everyone as I've just found the post again!

  • If you go on the Running Bug website, on the video tab, page 20 - how to eliminate runner's knee pain. Hope that helps. There is also an app on Health Unlocked website to build strength and flexibility, I am on week 1 and already feel the benefit.


  • I tried the knee strap and it didn't work for me - i think it will depend on the source of the pain. If it persists, maybe see a doctor and/or a podiatrist as insoles fixed my problem. Good luck!

  • There can be many reasons for experiencing Knee pain so what works for one may not work for another .... Depending on the severity i.e. is it just a twinge or niggle or is it a pain ? does it feel better if you rest it for a few days ? have you had your gait analysis done ? are the running shoes you use the right type for you ?

    There is a lot to consider I know when I suffered with a Knee problem I scoured the interweb and only found worse case scenario's !!

    If the problem persists certainly consult with your doc initially, or podiatrist or a physio

  • Thanks one and all. It's just an irritating twinge behind the patella and my knee clicks (no pain) when I go upstairs like someone clicking their fingers on every step. Weird. I had video gait analysis and was told my running style was really good. Think I'll have a chat with physio before it gets any worse as hopefully there'll be a simple solution.

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