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Week 3 completed :)

I did w3r3 today and I'm pleased to have finished it but it was a bit of a funny one. I've moved back to London, where I've just graduated from uni, from my hometown, so I was unfamiliar to running around the area where I now live. I live near a big common but wasn't quite sure exactly where to go although I didn't let that slow down my pace. But I was running in front of way more people (and traffic on the outskirts!) than I was used to, as well as running on the tarmac paths for the first time (previously just had been on grass). I felt this horrible wave of selfconsciousness and inadequacy, especially I was surrounded by fitter sportier runners, it was awful! But I powered through regardless and I'm so pleased I did.

Out of interest, is it better for the joints/legs/knees to run on grass or tarmac?

Now looking forward to stepping up a pace in week 4!

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That is an interesting question! I run on both grass and Tarmac (mostly grass), I find it is easier on my knees on grass but the uneven ground does form some additional challenges too. Running on Tarmac seems quicker as it is so flat. Julie


Yeah I was surprised by my sudden speediness, then again I'd hoped it was just down to my improved fitness and technique... :) regardless I have been finding the runs easier as I go on which is always good!


Well done! I know it seems that you were surrounded by fitter and sportier types, because, as runners, they're the people we notice more. But actually you probably passed far more people who weren't running (and don't run) whereas you were running. And it won't be so long before you're passing other runners, so keep going!

As for grass or tarmac, as Joolie says below, I also find it easier on the knees to run on grass, but it is more uneven which can cause other problems.

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aw thank you! I can't wait to make further progress. The grass I ran on today was pretty uneven so I might stick to tarmac for now and see how I get on, if not find some shorter grass to run on just so I can look at what I'm doing properly!!


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