Has anyone else noticed an increase in the amount of sleep they need now they are runners? All my life I have only needed 4-6 hours sleep a night, I remember climbing out of my cot in the middle of the night as a toddler, and my Baldy must have the patience of a saint to have lived with me all these years, getting up at 4AM and clonking around the house.....these days I need 7 - 9 hours, and a siesta!

What is going on? I feel like I've lost half my day...... (I'm not new to exercise, only new to running)

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  • I've always needed lots of sleep but I've never slept well - until running! It does seem to make a big difference. Maybe it's all that fresh air as well?? (I sound like a right old granny!!)

  • If anything, I sometimes feel that my sleep patterns are worse since I started running. I have always been a very early to bed person -- with the result that I have always been a very early riser!! I too am one who is always well out of bed and on the move by 4AM!!!

    I think that as I get older , I am slowly turning into a bird - I go to bed with them and get up with them!!!!!

  • Yes, but I go to bed at about 11 or 12 PM....ha ha, this morning I got up for a wee at 7, than went back to bed and didn't get up until 9.30!

  • I cannot imagine what anybody could find to do at home until 11or 12 PM - after a full day???? I am in bed by 8PM - partly out of boredom ( don't watch TV anymore and have discovered that late night computer work is a sure fire way to not be able to go to sleep at all!! ) :) I used to love the early morning watch (4-8AM) in the Navy - best time of the day at sea!! :)

    Anyway, now that I am running, I have to be up at 4AM to be able to get out the door before sunup in Summer - too hot after that!!!!

  • Yes, I'm with you there. I haven't watched TV for years...I do crosswords or sudokus.

  • I know the feeling of running before sunup, in SA I do it after sun down, still 40 deg plus somedays in summer.

  • I definitely sleep better than I have done prior to running , I was like you always an early riser but not now :)

  • Yes, I sleep more since I started running. Almost always in bed now by 10pm and up by 6am at the latest. Rock and roll eh! x

  • I wake after 4-5hrs sleep. But I have an anxiety medical condition which wakes me up early. Strange thing is I go straight off to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, but I think the anxiety has improved since I started running, I just hope it improves it even more.... I don't think there's any problem with extra sleeping if needed, just not to laze in bed for the sake of it...

  • Ha - I thought it was an age thing, but much more kool to say it's because I'm a runner! Seriously, hot flushes permitting, I am sleeping better.

  • Yes... from 7-8 hours to 9-10!! ;)

    Just kidding - I always needed 7 or 8, and still do but I do sleep better. Unless there is a race in the near future...

  • Yep xx I'm with you on this 😀 sleep is a great recovery tool x

  • I've always needed lots of sleep (or maybe I just enjoy it)

    I haven't noticed much of a change to be honest but could that be because........ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Lol 😴

  • I sometimes have an energy surge and want to get moving but also feel very tired at times and as I have time, put on the electric blanket, snuggle up in bed and have an afternoon nap! Think my body is in need of rest so I am just going along with it hoping it will get easier. Also feel that my legs benefit from being kept warm and relaxing the tired muscles!


  • Oh I love a afternoon siesta , only do it on Saturdays but oh it is sooo nice ! :-) xxx

  • I slept better once I started running but the thing that really improved my sleep was packing up drinking.

  • Me too I am fining myself heading off to bed earlier and earlier or dozing on the sofa and getting a stiff neck.

    I still get up in the night but do think i sleep better.

  • Wow...that's impressive, and yes physical exercise is perfect for waring you out!! I sleep better after a long run definately, but sadly I haven't had one of those in a while :(

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