Couldn’t sleep

Hi all, again this is all new to me and I’m still only on week one but I did the second run last night after work (finished about 7.30) but found when I went to bed it was like I had had a double espresso😳. I couldn’t sleep and when I did finally nod off it was weird, dreamy and very light. Has anyone else experienced it? 🤔😧 and please tell me it passes? I’m assuming it must be adrenaline?


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8 Replies

  • Yes ive had that if ive ran later at night long soak in the bath & a milky drink . I try & go out before 6 during the week & day time at weekends , well do e on completing week1😂

  • It does pass, but just like Christmas Eve it will come round again. If you run late and your body is not used to it all sorts of chemical reactions are going off for hours afterwards. You may find you sleep super well on the second night and after a while your body adjusts to this new you and sleeps better than it ever has. Essential oils are great to calm your energy waves and induce a restful state. Well done on getting out there in the dark and cold.

  • Sounds familiar, which is why I never run in the evenings any more. When I started C25k I had hoped that it would improve my poor sleeping habits as so many claim, but I have had no positive reactions on that account and actually sleep less well now than before I started running, but that is probably nothing to do with the running.

    We are just a bunch of chemicals and running has powerful effects on those chemical balances.

  • Listen to IannodaTruffe .. he makes some very good points!

  • This is why I run 🏃 in the morning! I am just so wired after a run, the buzz lasts for most of the day, so there is no way I could run evenings and sleep! I am a morning person, too - and tucked up in bed at 10 every night! Could you fit in morning runs? Very energising!

  • Hi all,thanks for the replies. I am hoping it will pass but maybe morning runs might have to be an option 😩 I’m terrible at getting up in the morning 🤣. I’ve only just started too so I’m not actually running that much. Maybe my body is just in shock from having to do some exercise... will keep at it and try different ways.

  • I had this when I started the programme. Googled and found one theory is that your body temperature dropping is a signal it is time to sleep. So running can help but it can take up to 5 hours for your body temperature to drop after a run. So I tried taking a shower straight after an evening run and dropping the water temperature then only wearing the minimum clothing until bed time. That seemed to work and I don't have a problem now. Not sure if that's because I am used to running or it's got cooler in the evenings. But I still make sure I don't go out after about 7pm just in case.

  • Thanks SCB1 - that’s really interesting My house is really warm so maybe it is a temp thing - could try just opening the window - good tip thanks 👍🏻

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