Anyone else about to run?

I need to do W4R2 tonight, but just finished work after a long and stressful day, got all of 2.5 hours sleep last night as was preparing for today's meetings until just after 2am and then have to get up at 4.45am on Mon Wed Fri to take my 15yr daughter to swim training. (Which is wonderful don't get me wrong)

The result being I just can't be bothered. I know it is only 30mins of my life and it will make such a difference but still not happy about it. I can't postpone until tomorrow because I am up and out at 7am and won't be home until 10 or 11pm

To make it even easier I can do it on my treadmill which is all of 10 feet from the sofa I am sat typing this on.

Someone tell me to stop winging and get on with it please, or I might just fall asleep in front of the News.


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  • Have you gone yet?! Just get on with it and whinge when you get back if you still want to!

  • Stop whinging and get on with it. The only acceptable alternative is to sleep early and out at 0530 tomorrow.

  • Go get those shoes on and then say you don't want to go! You know you'll feel great afterwards!

  • Go, go, go! I hope you have gone!

  • Do it! I have just come back, had a gruelling day also with limited sleep, but it's all behind me now! I feel much happier!

  • Done!!

    It was soooooo painful and 10x harder than the previous run. But I completed it without sacrificing form and pace so that was good.

    But just to confirm, I still hate running, I hated it every step of that, and I still hate all of you!

    See you Friday and if you are running before then good luck.

    Thanks to you all

  • Well bloody done! I just ran off an Ofsted inspection at school right in the middle of exam marking. Pouring with sweat but feeling much better. I reckon outdoor time in daylight is really good for lack of sleep, by the way, and less hateful than a treadmill, though I don't blame you for staying in when life's so chaotic.

  • I take my hat off to you, I can't image anything as bad as an Ofsted inspection. (I'm not a teacher but my eldest is and a lot of friends are) If you can survive that, remain sane and find time to run, you deserve a medal.

    Well done

  • I dunno, your schedule sounds pretty unforgiving to me! All done now, so hopefully the week will get a bit easier from here on out for me.

  • You hate running but you go to Parkrun every week?

    Either you are telling porkies or you have a masochistic streak. Which is it?

  • I have always hated running, even was I was young and fit. I find it tedious, and at the moment of course it hurts all over.

    On the other hand I love Park Run, not the run (or in my case shuffle) part of it, but the event atmosphere and ethos of the hole thing. I love the fact so many people including a host of volunteers turn up week in week out, come rain or shine. Everyone supports each other. I get as big a cheer when I collapse over the line as the winner does (probably because the volunteers know it is time to go home haha) and the friendship is amazing. We are a happy bunch at he back, it would be nice to chat but I can hardly breath let alone talk. It's how sport should be. My entire family go, and their parters and my swimming daughter has now encouraged several of her school friends to go, a couple of which are clearly not athletic.

    I do want to do better, but then I always want to do better. My goal is sub 30 and I am sure this program and you horrible lot are going to get me there. Over the last 32 runs I have hardly improved at all, but as you say I still go, so I guess yes I am a Masochist!

    I hope that answers your question.

  • 😝

  • Stop whinging and get on that treadmill. Take it easy and just do it and then come back and tell us how chuffed you are that you did it. 😊

  • Well done CC ! I had every faith in you to go out there and do it :-)

    Feel the love ha ha :-D xxx

  • Well done you. Completed my 2nd run tonight aswell. But tyhe first bhalf felt like a right slog. Gotbthrough it though and found my sscknd wind. Friend suffering with her knee though so hope she ok dor last one on friday

  • I do find that the mornings I run, I feel much better and fitter for the rest of the day than the other days. It seems to switch on something. it seems to open up a pandora of energy and even my brain is clear.

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