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Week 4 completed

So week 4 in the bag and so pleased that I managed to run for 5 mins without stopping. First couple of runs and my legs felt like blocks of wood but then I seemed to just connect mind and body and it was fun! I even overtook someone today! (ok, he wasn't running,... and he had a walking stick...and he was about 90!) I must of scared the life out of him as my heavy breathing could be heard several streets away.

Anyway looking forward to week 5 and feel encouraged hearing all the great posts from others who have just accomplished it.😀

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Congratulations to you. I am sure if you found Week 4 easy then I am sure you can nail Week 5. I should be starting Week 5 next week but my finally run today didn't go as well for me, so I am thinking of repeating Week 4, I had to do today's run outside all the others I have done on the treadmill. Good luck for next week for you, let us know how you get on!!!


Ah keep going, you will get there. 😊 I wouldn't say week 4 was easy but I did it somehow! I do feel like a lumbering elephant at times! I have heard others say how different running is on a treadmill but I have never used one so I can't say. I guess that is why it was a struggle going from that to running outside .i would say that if you completed week 4 as directed then move to week 5. I am surprised week by week by what I actually a manage to do.good luck! 😀


:D Love your description of the overtaking. And well done with Week 4. 5 minutes is a long time if you find you would prefer to be walking early on in it (something I have experienced). Now you're ready for even more. Good luck with Week 5 (the persistence, I'm presuming you're bringing along, yourself).


Thanks Gary. I am so grateful that everything is going to plan. I started this programme way back in May but then sprained my ankle which took ten long weeks to heal. Think the experience made me mindful to take each week step by step and to not over stretch myself. Fortunately this programme seems to match my fitness level which is great even though it surprises me most of the time! 😊


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