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Hail Caesar! Double double vision vision again again

Visitors from far flung parts of the Empire were visiting ing Thursday so there was no sauntering or strolling.

Friday's stroll brought back the double vision, as did today's so I can't see the C25K scurrying starting on Tuesday as planned.

Am due to see Nurse Epilepsia on Monday so will start there for suggestions. In the meantime I'll continue with the finishing touches to my tunic because it'll look splendid even if I'm not scurrying in it.

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Oh Sweetie, not good!!

Really hope it's something totally trivial that's easily sorted out. Good to know you're seeing someone very soon.

Good luck with the tunic tittivating. You'll be a veritable sight for sore eyes when you're given the all clear.

Take care, my friend. Your time to shine will come :) xxxxxxx

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We await your return o illustrious one.

Meanwhile I've been busy. I have Bosticked some gold lame rick rack on the chariot. It looks well swanky

Hope all goes well with Epilesia!


The chariot sounds good - maybe I should trim the hem of my tunic with some ric rac to coordinate.


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