PLease add your thoughts about these two amazing C25K'ers who completed a marathon on Sunday 12th April. I think they are incredible and just great.

To think just two years ago, both girls were sleeping in a cardboard box underneath Waterloo Bridge, sharing a bottle of turps and swearing at passers by. One day JuicyJu found an ipod in a bin where she had been rummaging for food scraps. She sent Vicky off to get batteries. No-one knows where Vicky got the batteries, but the rumours are that she nicked them out of an OAP's hearing aid. When they played the podcast on the ipod they got hooked. Who was this Laura woman? Why was she espousing the wonders of being able to run? Whatever their thoughts, it was time for their afternoon fight. Who was to keep the ipod? Eventually after a bruising two hours of pummelling each other senseless they decided that an arm wrestle should decide the outcome. Juicyju won the competition by cheating and Vicky stormed off.

On her hitching back to London on the M4 fast lane, a millionaire businessman gave her a lift and sponsored her to learn how to run. She never looked back.....

Just two short years later they ran a marathon each. On the same day but in different cities. In fact, different countries. Incredible.

It's now down to the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, to get the girls back together to relive the "wonder days" in their cardboard box under Waterloo Bridge. Only time will tell if he will achieve this "peace deal".

What a story.

(I may have "zhushed up" a few minor details, but at least 1% of this is 100% true).

Until the next one

Yer pal



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26 Replies

  • Hahaha Dan you crazy person :D I've been spending far far too long on here desperately hoping to read reports from our marathon runners but nothing so far. Can't wait to read all the gory details (or should that be glorious details) but, in the meantime, my admiration knows no bounds. Awesome runners the pair of them! :)

  • Really I believed every word! It is so amazing you can go from the same beginnings to such lengths. It is fantastic how well they have done. I heard somewhere as well that miles yonder Possibly has a marathon under his belt now as well.

  • Mile Yonder did the Sheffield HM yesterday, but i'm sure hes not long off his first marathon! :) apparently first 5 miles VERY hilly!

  • Brilliant read - as with all your posts! :)

  • Hahaha Dan it's the way you tell 'em! Those girls are totally awesome I can't wait to hear all about their day. My eyes are peeled for the posts x :-)

  • Ah, the heroines of the marathon underworld. Now we know their dark and secret past it makes them even more amazing! Can't wait to hear all the marathon reports from all our lovely marathoners :) But in the meantime Dan.... I'm sure you can always spill a few more beans ;)

  • I hear juicy ju liked it that much that she carried on. Currently she is on the border of kazihstan trying to bluff her way through saying she is now called forest gump and she is trying to find the holly shrimp for bubba.

    Another story is that baloo and mowgli have found her panthering around and decided she was the new cat in town and signed her up.

    Another rumour is Vicky ran over to Paris and stole the iPod and ju's medal so ju can't return until she sorts Vicky out.

    But we all know that JJ is ordering transport to get her great big metal gong of a medal home!!!!!!! The import tax is going to be horrendous :) unless she puts it in her camelbak octane 18x then no one will see it. come on ju get posting ! ........ :) J

  • Since vicky stole my medal and passport Im earning the dosh to get home. Luckily theMoulin Rouge needed a new dancer ... Ask for Juicyju on the door ;)

  • They were brilliant Dan. Lots of reports coming in of them inspiring others to run too!

  • Ha ha ha!!!!! Another one for your book pet! Brilliant! I think they are amaZing. I am totally in awe and starting to think I could do the great north run next year!!!! Very inspirational. :)

  • Absolutely brilliant, your writing and the two girls achievements.

    Can't wait to read the write ups.

    C25K is amazing.

    Well done again.

  • Love the tale from the big smoke - absolutely fantastic result for both Vicky and Juicy Ju.

  • Hehe, haha!

    Yes, just where are those race reports? They must know we're all here on tenderhooks :-)

    It was great reading everyone's tales yesterday after Bazza's plea - what a successful mission that was.

    Go go C25k champs!

    :-) xx

  • The vintage champagne in the camelbak probably explains why we have no reports yet, although I checked JJ's time on the Paris marathon site and there is no doubt that she did it. I understood that MilesYonder, erstwhile of this parish, also ran his first marathon yesterday. Who can doubt that C25k changes lives.

  • well they kept all that quiet, from humble beginnings eh! looking forward to their victory posts any time soon.

  • Top tale, our Dan, but not as top as they runs from Juicy & Vicky!! :)

  • Lol Dan. Your imagination's a scary (but hilarious) place!

  • Oh Dan , you put it so well, I miss those reckless cardboard box days with my pal getting into all sorts of mischief and mayhem. And Just to set the record straight I didn't 'nick' the battery, I claimed it in lieu of services rendered ;)

    However im so glad we downloaded the podcasts and then ran a marathon because you get loads of freebies :)

  • its all true! ;-)

  • Excellent - and will keep us all going until we get the word from the street.

  • I haven't missed the reports have I? I have been checking all day! Come on ladies we are literally gagging for it......well done dan for giving us the true report though!

  • Just brilliant ladies, inspirational

    ... and if even just 1% of Dan's story is true well I'm guessing it's the turps bit

  • Wow thats quite a tale Dan, its amazing what you learn on this forum! and they are both glamorous too despite their shaky past! :) Can't wait to read their reports! full of admiration in advance! :)

  • Brilliant Dan, loved your post as will JJ and Vicky. Got to hand it to them two fab ladies. Respect.

  • Brilliant thread, L O V E D reading it! Well done Dan the man, bet you can't wait for the ladies race reports either, much respect!

    Moulin rouge extracts would be an interesting read too JJ! 50 shades of rouge?? ☀️😉👏

  • I wondered where my hearing aid batteries went! Hail indeed !!!

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