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All Hail The Custard Tart!

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Well blow me down with half a feather. I’ve just completed WK5R2 and if you had told me just a few short weeks ago this somewhat overweight older age individual could run for eight minutes, and twice AND without stopping, I’d never have thought it possible. But I’ll let you into a secret.....I bought myself a custard tart earlier and put it in the window of my kitchen only for consumption should I complete the run. It didn’t touch the sides when I devoured it. I know others on here recommend a banana, but just once perhaps on your journey, try the custard slice technique! I’m starting to turn my attention to what might be suitable if I manage the 20 minutes non-stop next time out, any suggestions. Only stipulation is that I must be able to see it in my kitchen window as I reach the finish line!

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Well done! Sounds like you absolutely nailed it! 👍🏻👏🏃‍♀️🥳

Nothing wrong with a little reward after achieving your goals! How about a coffee choux bun next time? 😋

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030961Graduate in reply to Sara_Wales

Ha ha, what a great idea, I'll give that a go!

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Well done! Only thing I'd say is to savour every mouthful of your treat - rather than missing out by letting it not touch the sides! (I always want another one if I eat the first one too fast 😋)

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030961Graduate in reply to Scotdee

That makes perfect sense, perhaps I should have bought two!

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ScotdeeGraduate in reply to 030961

There’s an INCREDIBLE doughnut shop near me... I can never stop at one 😂

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Good post from you 030961, as for run 3 of week 5, a nice banana about a hour before you run, once you have completed run 3 of week 5 you will be very proud of yourself and can eat another custard tart to celebrate your 🏃🏾 run.

Try and finish run 3 as near as you possibly can to your kitchen window. 😊 🏃🏾

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Good advice many thanks AlMorr, I wouldn't want to stop too short of the kitchen window and have to wait too long before I get to the next treat!

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Just remember you’re at week 5, you will get to week 9 - pace yourself or you’ll have to buy the whole cake shop for wk9r3!!

I like your style!

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030961Graduate in reply to juliemacd1

Ha ha....what a delight that would be, I could chose one different cake per running minute, now there's a thought!

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juliemacd1Graduate in reply to 030961

Then carry on running for another 9 weeks to burn it all off! 🧁

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I'd go for a slice of fresh cream cake or pop a very generous flaky sausage roll in the oven to be ready just as you get back.... imagine the smells meeting you as you open the door.....

Well done - keep up the good work

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030961Graduate in reply to RunningBoy68

Now I'm in a quandary, sweet or savoury, but I do like the idea of a freshly cooked sausage roll. All this talk of cakes and sausage rolls, I can't think why I've put weight on and sat on the couch for all those years!!

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RunningBoy68Graduate in reply to 030961

It's nice to have a treat after a run - but on a serious note, years ago I had a personal trainer - he asked me if I was a dog ? I asked why & he said "you always treat yourself with food like people do with pets". He didnt last long...... I ate him.......(I didnt,but he didnt get it - he said treat yourself with a nice walk or a movie...)

Keep up the running and as it gets easier (as it will) you'll feel less incentive to need a treat everytime and maybe have a treat after each week progressed. I'm missing the structure of the C25K now I've graduated and trying to complete my consolidation runs. Enjoy

There's a Portuguese bakery just down the road from me - their pastel de nata are perfect after a run, with a good cup of coffee (though that's usually after a long drink of water).

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030961Graduate in reply to TortoiseRegretsHare

Sounds yummy. I think the answer is that I just have to try all of the suggestions!

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You could balance a bag of percy pig fruity chews on the cill to

Admire as you approach 😁 You are ready for the 20 minutes and will do it 🥳

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030961Graduate in reply to CaptFrey

Love those too, I’m spoilt for choice now!

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I have regained half a stone just reading this thread... 🤣

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