Who cares?

To the man on the bike that shouted an offensive remark about my weight - I don't care

To the Lycra ladies who've passed me twice - I don't care

To the dog walker that was offended that I'm sharing the path with you whilst running with a pushchair and apparently scaring your pooch - I don't care

To the lovely couple that thumbs up as we pass each other as we all crawl along - I care

To the lady that gives us a warm smile - I care

And to my two little boys telling me I'm doing great as they run back to me if they think I'm getting lonesome - I care -a lot


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  • Lovely post, Thomson3. I genuinely have tears in my eyes after reading it. What a superb attitude, absolutely everything this programme is about. You stick with it Sweetie, because you are awesome! :)

  • Lovely post T.

    And that's just how it should be. I haven't experienced heckling yet but sure I will at some point. Why do these people think they have the right to shout abuse. Makes me damn mad!!

    Jules xx

  • Running with a pushchair and kids. Go you! :-)

    (We care.)

  • O heck, my eyes filled up, I don't know what to say !!!!!!!!

    keep at it, I understand, keep at it, bet your little ones is loving being out. read that line again and filled up.

    Best wishes, More best wishes and a virtual hug to you and your boys.


  • Good for you.

  • To you - we care

  • Please try to ignore the people who try and drag you down. They're probably just jealous you're out there doing something! We really care! You are doing so fabulously ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’œ

  • Good for you! Don't let anyone tell you you should'nt be out there. Enjoy your runs x

  • Well done. Hecklers reveal more about themselves than about you with their comments.

  • Fantastic post once again T!!!!! I love your attitude and everyone who is struggling to go out and run needs to read this post.

    You are fantastic and just ignore those ignorant people.

  • And we care.

    Great post and your right not to care about insignificant stuff and give credence to the important stuff

    Well done and happy running.

  • Good for you! Stick to it and continue to care only about those that add a positive element to our lives, for the rest - it's their loss.

  • BRILLIANT ! What an amazing post !

    I am lost for words ....... ( there's a first ! :-) )

    Well done, Go you ! :-) xxx

  • Excellent post! Take the good, ignore the bad. Keep going, and keep smiling. There will always be meanies out there, but in the end it's their problem. I'd hate to live that way.

  • We care too! We think you are doing great! As someone said above, the comments reveal more about the hecklers and their sad little lives. You, lady, are awesome and I personally think you are doing great! X

  • Ps, I saw a young woman out the other night. I had just finished W8 r1 and was feeling very happy. The young woman was struggling, I could see that, but she kept putting one foot in front of the other and didn't give up for the length of the field. When she passed me, I gave her a thumbs up and said good work and her beam was priceless! It's much nicer to be nice to people and build them up rather than drag them down.

  • Lovely post sniff sniff, I even read it to Baldy, he's sniffing too. Good on ya, we care!

  • Good for you, not being put off by the opinions that don't matter. Most people who notice that there's a runner in the radar are too embarrassed to show their admiration, just because it's awkward. A small percentage of those will connect very briefly, and often shyly, with you. And the tiny percentage that's your fan club (those whose opinion really matters) cheer you on. All of which is just what you've said here, in other words. It doesn't hurt to say it again like this, I'm sure.

  • fantastic We care

  • most likes i've ever seen on a post, can't get too many

    made my day - thanks

  • Lovely words :) xx

  • That's the spirit :D

  • go you!

    Well said x

  • PS.. we care..

  • Fantastic attitude! Lots of caring going on here for you too!

  • Lovely post!๐Ÿ‘

  • .......mind you, I was a bit startled to be passed by a lady running with a pushchair at my first parkrun, I consoled myself with how fit she looked, and she was quite nice to follow from behind as well :-), until she disappeared into the distance :-(

    However I digress, where was I, ah yes, I loved your post, reminds us all of what's important....mind you seriously, think how delicious it would be to make 'em all take notice as you inevitably get quicker and tear round in double quick time with pushchair and boys, oooh, sock it to 'em!

  • Apparently someone came 3rd running with a pushchair at my Parkrun recently. Have to say I wouldn't like to have been the one sitting in the pushchair.

  • Quite a few run really fast times with some sporty looking pushchairs at my local Parkrun. The little ones usually look like they're having a great time. I once saw one who slept the whole way round. I have seen tears a couple of times though as the route goes straight past a huge play ground and they want to stop!!!

  • You have ALL blown me away with your comments! Thank you so so much. My little boys are jumping up and down every time a new like/comment comes in! X

  • Great post. Like all the other comments above, yes we care & sod anyone who doesn't.

    Easy to say but not so easy to do, but you seem to have nailed it. Keep up that Positive Mental Attitude.

    Go girl โ˜บx

  • Just catching up with posts and after reading yours have a catch in my throat!

    Wonderful post.

    Wonderful replies.

    Wonderful forum.

    Best wishes to you and your boys for your next outing.

  • Yeah we're not worried about hecklers. I agree, s*d em!

    Crack on Thom3! Focus on the next run. Have fun!

  • Sometimes people stink, but isn't it great when someone tells you "good job"?

  • Your little boys are the ones that matter, so well done for ignoring any negativity, and remember why you started C25K - you've got a head start with your strong mental attitude...keep going and enjoy :)

  • Yes, indeed we care.

    I literally can not believe that anyone would heckle someone who is running? What's up with some people??

    You're doing just fab and this post is lovely :-) xx

  • Yep... we care :-)

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