Accidental Week 8

It was only at the halfway point of my latest run that I realised I had swiped ahead too far on the app and was actually running W8R1 rather than W7R3. Rather than faff about trying to work out when 25 minutes was over I decided to do the rest of the run, afterall I have already done 3 lots of 25 mins with the last run of week 6 and 2 runs of week 7 completed. I did the 28 mins ok and even managed a bit extra in the last minute. Do you think Laura will forgive me if I miss out W7R3 and just carry on with week 8?

3 Replies

  • Naughty, naughty - Go to the back of the class!!! ;)

    I would continue with week 8. If it really concerns you that you've missed a run, do an extra week 8 one. What you've done is a week 7 run plus 3 minutes. There's no point in going back to do another week 7 run now.

  • Wow that's a good effort - carry on if I were you !

  • Yeah, keep going.

    I ended up doing a 5k run on my W7 R2. Damn near killed me and I took extra rest days.

    I bodes well for the rest of your remaining runs to graduation, just take it easy.

    Good luck.

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