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Keeping the balance

Hello folks,

I haven't posted in ages, I thought I'm overdue for a summer update. I haven't been running as much lately, but it hasn't been all bad. I ran a 13k race in June and wound up with an overuse injury. After a couple of weeks mandatory rest ordered by the physiotherapist, I've been keeping my runs pretty short since July, nothing over about 6 k (though the forced rest made me a speed demon when I returned and I cracked several PBs). I've been doing a lot of hiking, as well as playing squash several weekends. I've also started to incorporate much needed weight training to build up my muscles. Ideally I'd like to add yoga back in as well.

The physiotherapist likes that I have an increase in variety of my sports now - it's much more balanced and I'm less prone to overuse of one particular joint/muscle. However I'm having a hard time fitting in a long run and building back up that precious distance that I so enjoyed. For a day or two after weights or squash my legs don't have the oomph to carry me through a longer run, and unfortunately I'm trying to fit a lot in on the weekends. Above all I want to avoid injury.

How do you folks schedule in your cross-training activities? I'd be interested to see how others are divvying up their time. I was trying to alternate a cardio (squash or running) with weights every other day, but I'm thinking I need to skip any leg-related weights for a couple days prior to a long run.

Unfortunately though I'd love to run today we are on high alert due to smoke in Washington state. It's amazing it's spread NE all the way to Calgary, Canada. The skies are gray and they're asking folks to avoid outdoor activities. Murphy's Law that it falls on a run day, I'd much rather skip a day at the gym.

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RWD, so good to hear from you again :) . Goodness you're busy! I can't imagine packing that much exercise into the week, especially weights. I used to do a fairly tough gym session with weights many years ago in my twenties and my quads used to be zinging for days afterwards. No wonder you struggle to do a longer run.

I'm embarrassed to say I'm not cross training at all at the moment. I've been too scared to, in case I annoy my ankle, so it's just running for me. Now you've mentioned it though, I'll give it some thought. Maybe it's time to revisit the 30 Day Shred.....

Take care xx


Ooch. Weights are tough, I'm certainly not hardcore with them, I'm impressed you were at some point. I've never been much into them but I can see the benefit that they would bring to running. Perhaps I'll leave quads for days after runs. It's tough recovering from injury, because you want to do weights and exercises to strengthen yourself, but you don't want to put undue pressure on that joint/injury so as to push yourself too hard. I think stopping anything once you feel it's too much is the key - it was so easy to get carried away with my running successes, even though I increased my distances slowly.


Hi there good to hear from you. I'm in a similar quandary if I'm honest. I walk, epileptical train and just been told I can run again. While I was out of running due to a frozen shoulder I did my squats and core, now I'm back running my muscles are tired from getting back to running, I am hoping they ease off as. Am trying to be a little more moderate with my runs. I would really like to build my muscles to make running easier... It a sort of chicken and egg situation, which comes first. Happy running and cross training.m


Thanks RFC. It is a real chicken and egg pattern. I hope your shoulder behaves for you. Mine acts up occasionally when I run and I have to consciously relax that arm and do shoulder rolls on the longer runs. It's funny how connected our whole body system is (including our minds!)


Hello again (waves)

Like you I have an over-use injury which is keeping me from running at the moment. I have tried a couple of returns to running but not successfully so can't run at all now.

I think a range of activities is far better for us; a more even distribution of the stresses I suppose. You can do a fair bit of upper body stuff even if your legs are a bit doubtful. I'm trying to beef up my biceps a bit as I've lost some more weight since getting injured. A stronger core has to be good news all round. I have been using weights a bit but yesterday as I did some chest flies the darned things were leaking sand. I got an eyeful!

Sorry to hear you're smoked out! I hope it will clear soon so you can get out and doing something

I was going to do more yoga, while injured, but something less frenetic than Yoga Meltdown, which is the only DVD I have. I looked at one DVD on Amazon and it's 30 odd quid!!!! Crikey

Biking and cycling are the other two things which are on the agenda. Dog walking too. That has to be done no matter what. The hound I have til Sunday wants to be walked 24/7!


Oh man Ms. W. I'm sorry you have an overuse injury as well. My saving grace is that mine was minor enough to scare me, but not major enough for a long time off of action. I'm glad you saw the physio and are on the mend now.

Yoga meltdown sounds absolutely frightening, I'll have to look into it. My partner was doing Yoga videos off Youtube, I'll have to ask him if there was any good ones he found.


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