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Wk 5 R1 sort of done

I got to the gym started the treadmill and my bluetooth headphones ran out of charge. Typical! So I thought I could just guess what I should be running as I couldnt remember.

I ran 5 mnutes, walked 2 and a half, ran 6 minutes (because I could), walked 2 and a half, ran 5 minutes and as I thought this last 5 minutes might have been a little short due to misreading the time on the treadmill I walked 90 seconds and then ran another 2 minutes.

So although it wasn't the real wk 5 r 1 it was close and I can't believe I managed 6 minutes. It makes the 8 minutes to come look a little less scary.

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:-) You've exceeding Run 1 in all sorts of ways. It's 5 + 5 + 5, and I think the breaks are 3 minutes. So "sort of" means "more than" in this case. And yes, there's a big difference between 5 and 6 minutes, so you're getting nice and fit now.

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Well done

Don't just guess it though. Stick with the programme so you don't over-run.

Have fun!!!


Oh I wont be guessing again - headphones area ll charged ready for W5R2 tomorrow :)


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