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Hail Caesar! News of the golden chariot!

Sauntering down to the hippodrome this morning - wearing my natty new white tunic with gold epaulettes - I considered the fact that as Caesar I can simply appropriate the chariot.

Questioning the youth at the entrance I discovered it is maintained by a member of the senate - maybe that's where I should start. It seems it belongs to one of my most trusted senators! This will not do! We will discuss this at a later date and I will take it.

But then, said senator is also a gladiator - out on gladiatorial duty today - so possibly I'll approach the topic tomorrow, gently. (No, that is not cowardly.)

Until tomorrow, I bid thee farewell.

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bonum nocte, dominum meum


Most gracious. Until tomorrow gladiator


Veni. Vidi. Volui? xx


Oh yes, most definitely.


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