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Let's go Week 9!!!

Feeling on top of the world right now! I did it!

Just finished Run 1 (a morning run for once, as was worried I wouldn't be able to fit it in later on) and I feel amazing!

There was a really heavy downpour just before I went out, I was a bit scared of getting soaked or slipping over but I did it, it was fine! It was refreshing and it didn't rain too much! Found my running belt too amongst the piles of packing which was an added plus!

I even managed a sprint finish in the last 60 seconds - not even a fast jog, a proper sprint finish! Felt wonderful, and no way in hell was I stopping before the time was up!

And now I'm smug because it's pouring down again now, and I'm sat in my new living room about to eat my breakfast and have a warm shower!

Did I mention that I did it?!!

Ahhh THANK YOU everyone on this forum!! Prepare for an emotional post at the end of this week!

Edit: This post has been assigned the tags of "Fasting" and "Pile". What on earth; I'd love to talk to the web developer who wrote the logic for tag selection on this website.

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Well done!!! I just completed week 7 this morning and I'm chuffed to bits!


Great, well done! And thanks!


Congratulations. A proper sprint finish always guarantees that feel good factor at the end of the run. Well done :)

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I'm so happy for you Sarah, you are so close to graduation now. What are your plans for after graduation?

I got caught in an almighty downpour on Friday. It had poured down all day and as I set out I could see the grey storm clouds on the horizon. Light rain doesn't bother me too much, but this downpour! I had rain in my eyes, I drank *a lot* of it and I was absolutely drenched right through. I suppose it did keep me cool though.

Ps, I often get a fasting tag as well! Never had piles though... ;-)


I think my aim after graduation is to just repeat the 30 minute runs for a while and work on my pace so that I can actually get to 5K (not sure how long that will take) - I don't have a burning desire to run for much longer than 30 minutes at the moment, I just want to build on the foundations as it were!

Also going to try and do some Park Runs and maybe a Race for Life, and some runs out with my partner perhaps, although he'll be faster than me (he's just one of those sporty people, good at everything) so I'm not sure I'll enjoy running that too much!

Just going to see how I go :) Well done for surviving the rain, think it's meant to be wet most of this week :( x


Congratulations you. A sprint at the end too? Crickey.

Don't alter the tags.




Thanks very much!

I know, ha!


well done.. not long to go now!!

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