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c25k spreading at work

I started c25k in May (now running 5Ks), since then three other people from my department at work (of about 30) have also started and one more asked for my advice about starting. I'm not claiming to have enlisted them, I didn't talk much about c25k, but it's amazing how word gets around that it is a great way for us sedentary unsporty types to get fit (and sporty and unsedentary).

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You are obviously an inspiration and example to your colleagues. Well done!

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They've possibly noticed how it has transformed you, just like it's transformed the rest of us unsporty types. Maybe good news travels as fast as bad news does, after all.


Well done that's a great way to motivate colleagues and feel good all round...


Good for you. Without even saying it, your body language is just shouting out - I'm happier!

You are infecting everyone with your good nature. Keep it up.


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