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Laura, where did you go?

Just starting Run3Week3. Just could not get the podcast to work. After ringing Husband for a rant I decided to run to music instead. I guessed that most tracks are about 3 minutes long. I enjoyed my session and felt good but tired afterwards. Got home to look at the length of the tracks I had run/walked to, only to find that my dance re-mixes were at least 5 minutes long - no wonder I was tired. Well done me though! Will start Laura at home and pause until I get to the park in future :-)

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I run to music too as I was increasingly waiting for Laura to speak to me which was upsetting my rhythm. I also took the view that I can dance as long as these tracks so surely I can run ( slowly) for that long too! I really found it helped when on the dreaded Wk 5 R3 (20mins). I paced myself to the tracks I had downloaded. Seemed a lot easier ( although at the end I was mentally yelling at George Michael to sing faster!)

Keep going with the timings though, they really do work.

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I have downloaded RunDJ app, it looks good, but I was going to wait till I had achieved c25k before I used it. 🏃🎧


For some reason, I had disappearing podcasts and had to re-download them. I still find Laura's coaching is helpful and the programme working well for me too. Well done to you keeping going and finding another way though



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