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Week 1 Day 2 Properly

Phew...... well I'm glad I did it, but boy are my leg muscles letting me know they've ran again. On day 1 when I ran, I ran ahead of my fiancé who joins me then turned to run back towards her and joined her for the walk in between. Today I ran the whole running part away from her, then walked back to her. (Hope that makes sense?) The lase ten seconds of each run where the hardest part. I also had to remind myself that I am asthmatic too, so when totally out of breath I walk the last few seconds, but I did add the seconds on when I did my cool down part of the final walk.

I'm so proud of myself for doing this, and I have managed to loose 3lb already during the last two weeks. I think I may have to do the whole of week 1 again, but I don't care how long I takes me, I'm actually enjoying the running. Or am I being too perfectionist about completing each level of the programme?

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Slowing down and completing the programme is fine - take as long as you want and enjoy it.

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People are cruel and thoughtless sadly Vashti but then there is you to take the poor little kitten is which is wonderful. Hope that all works out well. Our daughter has a female ginger and white kitten from the RSPCA who was totally neglected. The stupid former owners went on holiday and just left her all alone without food and water. Luckily a neighbour reported them and Sybil is now in a very loving home. She is so sweet too.

Enjoy the kitten and hope Murphy approves. xxx


There's no hurry so do what suits you but if you complete each run then you are ready to move to the next one. Why are you thinking of redoing week 1?


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