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Week 6 completed!

I am pleased to report that I ran for 26 mins and 44 seconds on my 25 min run. My phone has been having a fit trying to run the C25K app, Runkeeper and music all at the same time so the app kept stopping for a few seconds each time Laura spoke. I realised this during my last run so I stuck a stopwatch on to time how long I really ran for! Unfortunately Runkeeper couldn't cope so I don't know distance or pace but it definitely isn't 5K so I guess it doesn't matter at the moment.

I found the first 10 mins or so really hard but just kept plodding on. I was encouraged along the last 10 mins by a random cyclist who was doing circuits and every time he passed gave me a big thumbs up and a smile. I ended up quite enjoying the run and now know that the 30 mins is achievable.

My next 25 min run is going to be on Saturday at my first ever Park run. Eek!

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Well done! Hooray for cycling/running solidarity! !

Good luck for park run 😀


How exciting for you, do well at Parkrun. I'm not brave enough for that yet - registered, so can go anytime! Great to have a distraction, really gives you a boost. Two lovely dogs showed some interest in me today and ran with me for a while but my slow pace soon bored them. Helped me to keep going though!!

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