First Parkrun - ✔️

Having graduated on Thursday, I decided to undertake my first park run this morn.

Everyone says how good they are and I have to say, once I had conquered my nerves at having no idea what I was doing, found somewhere to store my barcode, fumbled around trying to put my car key somewhere - ended up in my bra!! , I had a blast!!

Now I have found out I can store my belongings at the start so next week should be a little more straightforward !!!

Just waiting for my time now as in all the excitement of finishing, I forgot to stop Mabel or even look at her. 😥

Feeling Happy.

Good weekend and running to you all

Jules xx

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  • Well done and great effort

  • Thats great, really pleased for you. Park Runs are amazing, but I never really understand why people wait so long. I am only just starting week 6 but completed my 42nd park run (more of a shuffle really) in 39.01 and love it.

    Good luck in your Park run career. Look forward to hearing how they go

  • Thanks Chalfont. Fear of failure for me I think. I worried that I wouldn't be able to do it or would make an a...e of myself.

    One of things this programme has given me is confidence.

    How long do the results usually take to be published?


  • They should be up by now. My result came through on email at 11:51 which is late for our guys.

    Good luck next week

  • For the record, I have got my results as late as 12:49.

  • Well done for graduating and for going public that u r a runner! Amazing achievement, let us know how it went. I have signed up for Parkrun but only start week 5 on Monday so nowhere near ready to run 5K or to shame myself in public LOL!

    Wondering what 5K time would b suitable for me to go to one, what do u think??


  • Oh Julie Julie Julie, not you as well.

    You don't need to be able to run 5km to do Park Run honestly. I am still only at week 6 of this programme and it has taken me 12 weeks to get here, but I completed my 42nd Park Run this morning. It really isn't about running 5km, its about completing 5km the best way you can and giving yourself a goal to go out the next week and try and do better. We have people with dogs and push chairs and me! As an example I usually only run for about the first 1.5km before I have to stop and then I complete the rest of the course walk/run for 60secs. When I started out it wasn't even that and it took me 47 minutes, I am now sub 40 and slowly improving every week. This programme has really helped with that too.

    So believe me, you are ready to do Park Run NOW. They are amazing events, you will be fine, no one will judge you and you will get a real buzz from it. Whether you cross the line first or 464th (my place this morning) you will get just as big a cheer from the volunteers and other runners standing around. The picture on my profile is of me on a Park Run, I think that tells you everything you need to know.

    Looking forward to reading your post next week after your first Park Run.

  • Reading this reply made me feel much better about a local community 5k I've signed up for in 3 weeks time.

    I'll be on week 6 by then but determined to do it anyway (even if I likely end up walk/running for a chunk of it)


  • I'm pleased you didn't refer to it as a 5k Fun Run, they are two words I don't ever believe should appear in the same sentence, although I am hoping that one day I will change my mind.

    Good luck and let us all know how it went.

  • Me too!! We've both completed our 1st park run today!! Well done!! What a great feeling it is isn't it?! What a great start to the weekend! I went with a fellow runner, she helped me get started but then I was ahead of her and just followed the crowd. I got a bit confused by the distance markers, I saw 1k and thought, no way, I've done more than that. Then shortly afterwards saw 3k and thought, no way, I've not done that!! It was 2 laps of a figure of 8. I was nervous too, and felt a bit lost sometimes, but I'll be more relaxed next time. Can't wait for my next run!! Well done again, a fantastic milestone reached x

  • Well done Beetie.

    Yes it was a great feeling. I still can't believe I can run 5k. I ran behind a lady the whole way and afterwards she thanked me for running with her LOL. Little did she know I was there so I didn't get lost.

    Actually to be fair, she was going at a good pace for me so I just sat in behind her.

    Glad you enjoyed it too.

    What great little runners we are

    Jules xxx

  • Aren't we just?! I know, I can't believe how far I've come. I only started running in February and struggled to run for 60 seconds on week 1 of the programme!! I ran my last km with another woman. We kept overtaking eachother and ended up chatting. It was her 1st park run too! The atmosphere is so lovely, everyone's so encouraging aren't they?! I'm so glad I've started running, which I never thought I'd say!! Well done and here's to the next run! x

  • Firstly Congratulations on graduating, you should be extremely proud of yourself,

    Secondly, well done on going to your first parkrun, it took me about 2 months to go to my first parkrun, well done in taking that first step, I'm sure you'll beat the time you got today, just think the hardest step was starting this programme/journey, you've also took the hardest step in parkruns, going to your first one, I was like you, I didn't take much with me because I wasn't sure what happens, now I take a bag of things but nothing valuable, I wear shorts with zipped up pockets for my valuables,

    Let us all know how you got on today at your parkrun, I'm sure you did great and can only improve on your time,

    Well done once again and keep up the good work,

    Take care and enjoy your weekend,

    Siobhan x

  • Thanks Siobhan

    Time just in 34:39, my best yet. Woo hoo woo hoo woohoo, think you get the gist, am a little chuffed.

    Your posts always inspire me. Xxx

  • Way to go you :D that's a brilliant time for your first park run, I'm sure you'll settle in to the parkrun on the saturdays, I've started getting myself up during the last few weeks, I put up a post about the parkrun I did it is quite long,

    Here's to your next run and I'm sure a PB, I never really thought about my posts inspiring people I just tend to write them because it's quicker and a lot neater than writing in a book/journal, thinking of getting all my posts together and putting it in to a book :) xxx

  • I understand what everyone thinks about making themselves look an idiot at parkrun - it kept me from starting until well after I'd graduated and then I kicked myself for not going sooner! Parkrun community is just brilliant - go along as soon as you can. If you are nervous about running straight off, go along and watch - or better still volunteer (which can be a simple as watching in a hi-viz vest!). You can check out the results of your local run and see how many runners there normally are and see what the time of the last runners are. I always stay to the end, to welcome the last runners home, as do many of my local run and those at the back get cheered on everybit as much as the ones that come in first (normally more, as most of us have been there, but will never be at the front!). There are all shapes, sizes and ages. Some are super speedy, some walk all the way around.

    My local run is Tilgate, if any of you are tempted to run there, let me know. I'll happily run around with you (or find someone faster than me that can keep up with you!).

  • Oh Jules, I'm delighted fro you...seems a long way off for me still...I'll carry on plodding...

    Great time from this morning too...really good!

    Well done Hun xx bug hugs to you

  • Well done Jules ! Sounds like you really enjoyed it and a cracking time too !

    Double Brucie Bonus ! :-) xxx

  • Well done you. Super time too.

  • Well done

  • Congratulations. It is a bit weird the first time but thoroughly enjoyable!

    34:39! Fantastic. The only down side is that it is a whole week until the next one! :)

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