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Second graduate run... 


...yesterday, and changed it up a little. Different route, 1st mile up hill :o , then flat for next 2. My breathing continues to amaze me! Yeah, for sure, that first mile was a killer, but to be able to run uphill for me, is mind blowing! I couldn’t walk up that hill without puffing like a train at the beginning of 2017. Felt lovely on the calves and ankles as well, a nice stretch.

I’ve tried to run faster but my legs just don’t want to. This concerns me, as when I stop, I’m back to breathing normally within 15-20 seconds. Does this mean that I’m not working hard enough? If so, should I be running further? Don’t want to put the kybosh on things and do too much too soon. I know I’ll get some good advice from my fellow runners on how I should improve :) …xx

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It does sound like you are one of those people who is limited by leg strength rather than aerobic capacity. That is quite rare for beginners.

Longer slow runs are probably the best way to improve that leg strength (building up distance gently) but squats are very effective too.

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Dunder2004

ThanQ Dunder2004 I'll do squats while the adverts are on on a night. It's so odd, because I would always have said that my legs were stronger than my lungs. Maybe they don't like hauling the extra 5 stone about :( Think when I go out this morning, I'll just run as far as I can ...xx


Sounds like you are doing great, so don't worry about it. Jog/sprint intervals will get you used to running faster and may stretch you a bit. If you really want to take it seriously then a heart rate monitor will give you a clearer idea than subjective judgement about your breathing.

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

ThanQ IannodaTruffe not bothered about taking it seriously, just enjoying being able to do it. I thought I might keep running for 40 mins plus and get some more weight off before I started looking at the other podcasts...xx

You're doing brilliantly. My legs felt really heavy for weeks after I graduated. The more you run the lighter they seem 😊 and this feeling eases. Just keep running. Every run is building up strength and stamina.

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

Cheers Irishprincess it is such a cool feeling being able to run at my size! Can't wait for the weight to be gone, I'll be like a wisp being blown along, and by which time I'll be even fitter, so happy days...xx

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